Empire of Kadiristan

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Empire of Kadiristan
Kadiristan Flag.pngKadiristan COA.png

"God is the only one who creates and glorifies."
"For God"
Claimed lands of Kadiristan
Capital cityEdirne
Largest cityIstanbul
Official language(s)Kadirian, Turkish
Official religion(s)Islam
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- SultanI.Kadir
LegislatureAssembly of Kadiristan
Established14th January 2011
CurrencyKadiristani lira (de facto) Turkish lira, Euro, Saudi riyal, Iraqi dinar, Rial, Syrian pound (de jure)
National sportYağlı güreş (Turkish oil wrestling)
National drinkRakı
National animalWolf

The Empire of Kadiristan is a micronation that is established in 2011. The country claims lands from several countries. (Turkey, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria etc.) The capital city is Edirne, and the largest city is Istanbul. The Kadiristani people claim their historic homeland as Asia along with the Turks. There are people who identify Kadiristani people as Turkic peoples. The country has 5 regions which are Avrupa-i Kıdda (Europe Region), Türk-ü Kıdda (Turkic Region), Palkan-ı Kıdda (Balkan Region), Arabiyye-lil Kıdda (Arabic Region), Fars-ı Kıdda (Persian Region). In several cities, you can find the Kadiristani flag waving on the apartments. There is a graffiti of the flag and the coat of arms in Istanbul, Taksim. The emperor describes the country as the return of Ottomans.


The name Kadiristan comes from the name of the current emperor, Kadir with the -istan suffix.


Kadiristani people came from Asia along with the Turks, being a part of the Seljuk State. After Ottomans State were born, Kadiristani people went to the lands of the Ottomans because of the genocide that was getting prepared by the Byzantines. And they stayed in the Ottoman lands for a while, but they started beginning revolutions to get their own country in the latest decade of Ottoman Empire. They never got any recognition from the world, but the revolutions are present.


The Kadiristani type of Government is that of an absolute monarchy. The current Sultan/Emperor of the nation is Kadir the First (I.Kadir). The order of succession is based on the principles of primogeniture, meaning that the Sultan's elder sons take precedence over the younger ones, but all sons taking precedence over all daughters.

Foreign relations

Kadiristan recognizes all of UN member states, Principality of Sealand, Kingdom of Thessania and Empire of Gameria. Any other nation which communicates with the nation and recognises the existance of Kadiristan is automatically recognised.


Kadiristani language is based on Ottoman Turkish and Gokturkish. It is a combination of both.