Kingdom of Bradonia

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Kingdom of Bradonia
Flag of Bradonia.svg
National Flag
Better Bradonian Coat Of Arms.png
Coat of Arms

Bradonia stands strong forever more!!
Bradonia Forever

Locations of Bradonia.png
Locations of Bradonian territory.
Capital cityBradistadt
Largest cityBradistadt
Official language(s)English, German
Official religion(s)Presbyterianism
Short nameBradonia
GovernmentUnitary semi constitutional monarchy
- KingBrady I
- ChancellorDaniel Griffin
LegislatureBradonian Royal Council
EstablishedAugust 9th 2020
Area claimed14 Properties
Time zoneBST
National sportBJJ
National animalDog (Great Pyernasses)
Patron saintSt. Francis de Sales
This nation is a member of the Bradonian Commonwealth

Offical Website

Bradonia, officially referred to as the Kingdom of Bradonia, is a land-locked micronation located in North America located, in the southern center of the continent. Bradonia is bordered on all sides by the United States of America on all 4 sides, with the closet micronations to Bradonia being Saspearian and Monmark, while the closet nation to Bradonia besides the United State's being Mexico.

The Kingdom of Bradonia has a total population of 28 citizens, which are all texan locals. Bradonia claims 15 territorial exclaves as an integral part of it's nation. The capital and second largest city of Bradonia is Bradistadt which is known for being the second largest city of Bradoni and is home to 3 citizens, however the largest city of the Kingdom of Bradonia is Austrozat which is home to the origins of the country and has a total population of 5 and is home to the Royal Sanitorium.

The Kingdom of Bradonia, being a micronation/unrecognized state/self-declared autonomous zone or a nation that declares independence, fails to have any recognition from the Texan government, the American government, or the United Nations Security council, thus it is classified as a micronation by external observers. The Kingdom of Bradonia uses the Montevideo Convention of 1933 as its justification for statehood as a sovereign state, meeting all 4 requirements to be classified as a nation, however despite that fact, The Kingdom remains largely unrecognized by the United Nations.


The origins of the name " Bradonia " are quite basic stemming from the name Brady, which is also named after Brady Texas, however, it was mostly named after Brady Griffin the current King of Bradonia, whose name is Brady and named after his name. The capital city Bradistadt is also named after him in this manner, however, is spelt with an I instead of a Y while also having a Germanic Tonge to it. Both Bradonia and Bradistadt are named after the current and founding King of Bradonia, Brady Griffin. Cities like Austorzat and Huttoh, are derived from names from the city's named in Texas, with edit's made.


Pre-Establishment (1492 - August 9 2020)

Before the Bradonian Kingdom existed, the land known as Texas, would be taken by the Spanish, after the founding and discovery of both the North and South American continents, which would lead to a colonial race, with both the Kingdom's of France and Spain claiming what would be known as Texas, however the French would drop their claim after losing the 100 years war against the United Kingdom of Great Britain and would cede lands west of the Mississippi river to the Kingdom of Spain, and not a lot would happen in the new world, until the invasion of Napoleon, who would take over the Spanish government leading to the Mexican Revolution which would take place in 1820, and would cause the Mexican Empire to be formed, and later the Mexican Republic.

Although the Mexican Republic was a democratic nation on paper, it was very autocratic in practice, with federalism being very low, due to Santa Anna the Mexican President/Dictator wanting to centralize mexico. Some time later would see the rise of American immigrants who came in order to populate Mexico's less populated territories in the north, which would lead way for the Texan Revolution in 1836 because of Santa Annas, refusal to grant autonomy to the American settlers in the region due to the conflicting interests of the settlers and the Mexican government. This caused fighting between the 2 sides. Many battles such as the Battle of the Alamo, which would motivate the Texans to keep on fighting, after the death of most of their leadership, and would make the Texans fight even harder and at the Battle of San Jacinto would consolidate Texan independence after capturing Santa Anna and a decade later would join the union, however this caused tensions with Mexico, causing the Mexican American war, which saw an American Victory after American Forces occupied Mexico City.

Then came the Civil War, where Texas although joining the confederacy did little to nothing, except for a few naval battles in order to defend the Texas coast, as most of the leadership was focused on the east where the fighting was at. After the American civil war, things in the area stayed mostly calm, and the state of Texas would eventually grow to become one of the most influential and biggest states in the union, which leads us to today and the creation of the Bradonian Nation State under King Brady

Establishment and the Bradonian Anclusses( August 9 2020 - October 10 2020 )

The First Bradonian flag used after the Second Bradonian Anschluss

The Bradonian Kingdom was born on August 9th 2020, as nothing but a small backyard in the middle of suburban neighborhood, which is now the Bradonian Stadium, located in the Royal Sanatorium in Austrozat, Bradonia. The small little nation at the time had a small tradition to it, which was cookies and lemonade, something that is still relevant in Bradonian culture to this day being considered a national sensation. August 9th would also be considered the day Bradonia Declared "de jure" and "de facto" independence from the United States of America, due to the birth of the Bradonian State.

The Bradonian State on the first day of its existence, Bradonia would quickly annex the Griffin property, now the royal sanitorium in what is dubbed the " First Bradonian Anschluss" named after the Anschluss of Austria of The same name . A new government would be set up with Ireland, Brady's sister becoming the first Chancellor of Bradonia, with Brady becoming the Head of State, although he was referred to as a dictator, due to the government being an Authoritarian State. The first act's of the Bradonian State would be the banishment of Chick-fil-a product's due to the dictator hating christianity at the time and the automatic legalization of the LGBT community, due to being an LGBT sympathizer.

Bradonia after being left alone for 2 weeks would begin to act quickly and decisively and would take a local pool and a friend's house establishing the Lukas district with the 9 year old Lucas being governor of the district. At the same time the incompetent chancellorship of Ireland Griffin would begin to shine, as she did very little as the Head of Government, and barley participated, which forced Brady to do most of the governing when it came to Bradonia and as while his family were citizens of the regime, they did little to support and were very critical of Bradonia nor were any of the law's followed, and it wasn't until future expansions that the state would begin to see loyal citizens who would begin to respect the nation and the ruler itself.

The next event is known or dubbed as the " Second Bradonian Anschluss " and would happen in late August 2020 on car trip very shortly after the annexation of District Lukas which allowed for Bradonia to gain 2 new territories, those being the Duchy of Hutto and Bradistadt. The Second Bradonian Anschluss would change the population from 5 to 10, due to Lukas being an occupation at the time, however the most notable change would be the establishment of the Duchy of Hutto.

This is because one of the locals, Brain Stell, who lived in the newly established land of Huttoh, asked the Head of State to be given a ducal title despite Bradonia not being a monarchy, but the Head of State did so anyways and Brian would then receive not only the royal title but the local territory to rule over as well as a sort of subnational monarchy within a authoritarian dictatorship. The territory up north would become a Bradonian colony for the time being.

Establishment of the Kingdom ( October 10 - December 31st 2020 )

During october, Bradonia saw a change to a constitutional monarchy, after the Chancellor, Ireland Griffin, resigned due to a lack of interest, causing a leadership crisis, however Brady made Brianna Griffin being a provisional Chancellor for the time being, however it was clear where the tide was going and that a better government was needed, and so, the Bradonian State was reorganized into the Kingdom of Bradonia with Brady being declared the King of Bradonia, without a coronation or crowing. This period would also see the Chancellor position be vacant for some time, as Brady wouldn't have anyone to be Chancellor and so the Griffin decided to be Chancellor thus creating a "de facto" absolute monarchy, although still a constitutional monarchy.

Bradonia would enter into the Micronational Community at 10/10/20 due to finding the MicroWiki communication forms with the nation not knowing what to expect from the community itself, and shortly after begun immediate construction on the MicroWiki page, (which as a matter of fact of this writing is still being worked on to this day) It was also at this time that the Bradonian flag got a revamp as the first one adopted after the Second Bradonian Anschluss, had a similar appearance to Gradonia while the second flag which was the Cornish flag Scandinavian style, which was called out upon by other individuals in the community for being too similar to the Cornish flag, this caused a compromise in which Blue would be added to the flag by a user who wanted to help the King establish Bradonia, thus establishing the current Bradonia Flag which is used to this day.

The Bradonian Flag created after the compromise

After Bradonia joined the micronational community, Bradonia began to prosper due to having much more online resources at its disposal which would lead to a better functioning government and state, as both a declaration of independence and a constitution would be written, along with the first Bradonian Coat of Arms, making the nation much more prosperous on paper, as it was gaining much more online resources, which would go to nation building Bradonia, and at first Bradonia would even begin to make diplomatic allie's, and all seemed to be going in the right direction.

Unfortunately, Griffin would come to learn of the Kingdom Brienaia's homophobic policies, how this happened and how he learned of those policies is unknown, but it enraged the King and would attempt to talk the King of Brieanna out of it, however the King would lose it after it was made very clear that Breinia would not revoke said homophobic policies, this would cause the King of Bradonia to say very regrettable things and thus resulted in him getting banned from the MicroWiki Communications for his choice of words.

However an anonymous user wanted to assist Bradonia in confronting the Breinian Kingdom and both the King and the anonymous user went to confront Brieanna again, however when it was revealed the anonymous users intention was to raid rather than confront, Griffin would quickly back down from Breinia the next day due to the nation being in a bad diplomatic position at the time. After the crisis, Bradonia would slowly be allowed entry back into the Microwiki Communications, as the King was very sorry for his choice of words.

Around this time the Kingdom under Griffin would join the Micronational Assembly as a micronational delegate representing the said Kingdom. Bradonia would also try to engage in expansion of territorial lands, due to most of the land claimed by Bradonia at the time being mostly illegitimate as there were only a few pockets of control. One way Bradonia tried to do this, was attempting to sell its statehood for annexation at the Hands of the Jewel Republic, in the hopes of claiming more land for the fatherland, however Emperor Anthoney of Sasperian got ahold of the information and talked Griffin out of such a deal, and then the King of Bradonia would end up revoking the agreement, with the Jewel Republic acting in a well-behaved manner.

LENS and Harry Island's war

Not a lot happened for the rest of 2020, and only when January came did it see massive change for Bradonia, as many things had changed over the new year with King Brady I of Bradonia getting used to it all, however at the same time the Micronational organization known as the Micronational Assembly was also raining in legitimacy, and many individuals inside the organization would admit to the MA being a joke and not a serious organization. This would infuriate both Bradonia and Begons delegate's, and on the same day left the Micronational organization and withdrew from it completely, Begon tried to get Runnymede to leave as well, due to Tsar Christoph having staunch political influence within the Principality of Runnymede. Although the referendum passed to leave the Micronational Assembly passed, the prince refused to legitimize the vote, which would cause a "Coup" by LENS online user's, which Bradonia and it's monarch reluctantly supported.

This would cause a chain reaction, causing some Micronational Assembly members to declare the LENS-Runnymede War or in Bradonia's case the one day war, due to how long the Bradonian Kingdom got involved in it for. The first part of the war, it started with Bradonia declaring it's intentions to side with LENS in the war as co-belligerent, due to it's negative relationship with the Micronational Assembly, and after an attempt by the Micronational assembly to get Griffin to leave the war to Brady decided otherwise, but then realizing how silly the war was, and left anyway. The one day war ended for Bradonia, when it decided to remove it's belligerent status and to leave the war all together, not surrendering to the MA, while not fighting them either due to the war, not being fighting by means physically or digitally.

Around the same time, the Kingdom of Bradonia was undergoing the processes of territorial expansion under Griffin, and as such the Kingdom was looking for territory to annex. During a bike ride with the Dane's, friend's of the Bradonian royal family, Brady saw an island and wanted it, however Harry Dane, one of the Dane's kid's also wanted the island for other purposes, but Griffin wanted the island more, but Harry wouldn't allow that, and so a war happened. The war was fought on the island with zero casualties, with there being one battle, the battle of harry island. The battle of harry island would result in a stalemate, after Alan Dane, broke up the stick sword fight between the 2, ending the battle in a stalemate, which last's to this day, and the island was split between the 2 and remains so to the present.

The "communist" state

Bradonia after being humiliated in the 1 day war, and in the Harry Island war, its legitimacy and reputation in shambles, decided to change from that of a Kingdom to the "Bradonian State" with Brady Griffin deciding abolishing the monarchy and restoring the Bradonian State or August Government although it was illegitimate and had no constitution, nor was the monarchy officially abolished.

Brady also changing his internet persona for a time to "Zoran Radsoveic" in order to give a sense of newness in his name and the title of king would be replaced by the new "Governor General" due to Brady still hating the idea of a republic. "Zoran" would then quickly join and leave both the Aternian and ELM communities, as although the monarchy was "abolished", the monarchs foreign policy remained mostly intact, however the Aternian and Trutian blocks were both toxic, and Griffin tired of being judged, left the Aternia block, however in the ELM block, The Governor-General, would meet The Redshanks Republic's leader,who was a communist nation, and after a discussion based on Bradonia's mixed left nationalism, they became great friends that night.

Brady around this time would also get interested in communism because of Redshanks, and would slowly get invested into the ideals of socialism, this resulted in the "reorganization" of the Bradonian State to the "Bradonian Commune" a "communist authoritarian state" although, the communist state was also very illegitimate due to having the same problems as the state, and a constitution or declaration were never written. Griffin would become both Premier and General-Secretary of the "Commune" , and as you'd expect a flag change, from the National Flag to the National Tricolor, which was used during the times of the commune.

The Bradonian Commune, had very awful diplomacy, as due to its ideology and many nations would seek to take advantage this, an example could be seen when the Bradonian Tricolour was stolen by the Grand Duchy of Persona, and when Griffin confronted the people in the in charge of Persona about it, insults were healed due to him being a communist, and he was forced to back down without hesitation. Griffin was then forced to change it to a much lighter blue, as to avoid confusion with the Grand Duchy of Personia, and many micronations avoided Bradonia altogether because of it, with Bradonia losing it's long time alliances of Sasperian and Monmark.

The people in the city Austrozat also hated the Bradonian Commune, due to its authoritarian policies. General-Secretary Brady Griffin was also trying to establish a scheduled routine to that of the Soviet Union, which the City Austrozat Hated, as it interfered with their own doings and ideas, this also caused Austrozatins to stop listening to the laws, and some citizens would begin to disrupt the Bradonian Chatrooms, set up by the Government to give them news. This would also see the establishment Bradonia Network, which 5-minute videos were made of news's that was happening in the country, and informed Bradonians of news.

The Bradonian Commune during this time, also formed a Triumvirate with the Peoples Exclave Of Taedong and The Redshanks Republic, the only diplomatic allies that Bradonia had at the time as most micronations disregarded him as a terrible leader, whom was overly emotional and irrational resulting in him being ridiculed for his ideology. Bradonian Nationalism was also quite low in the Lower Commune (Austrozat) with them not respecting the Bradonian Identity that was so rightfully fought for by the General-Secretary himself, however the Upper Commune (Bradistadt) was more tolerant of this due to them being more loyal to the state

The Bradonian Civil War

Unfortunately for the Bradonian Commune, the Austrozatians which were referred to as the Lower commune at the time began a revolt, due to the strict authoritarian nature of the Commune along with its ideology, the Hosenburgian Rebellion would begin after an attempted coup by Leon Griffin which was meant to mock and defame the communist regime. Leon would declare himself as Hosenburgs Emperor, declaring an absolute monarchy, making Griffin a Hosenburgian Prince, despite the war.General Secretary Brady Griffin would try to rally the people of the Lower Commune to help fight the civil war against the Monarchist Hosenburgian's who were in open revolt, but due to the policies of Brady Griffin not being popular in the Lower Commune, most citizens didn't intervene in the war and did nothing to help the BCP.

Brady Griffin would then ask the Upper Commune for help, which was accepted by the people of the Upper Commune, thus officially starting the conflict. The civil war was fought pretty quickly with the General-Secretary begging an advance to take the backyard, which would be deemed successful. Because of the Hosenburgian Rebellion being very contempt and making advances, this would be an advantage to the BCP, who would begin advaning in the backyard, then the General Secretary was able to walk in, and retake the Lower Commune, putting an end to a boring, and unnecessary civil war, with no casualties nor weapons, whatsoever. Despite the BCP winning the civil war, change was going to come very soon

The Bradonian Empire

After the BCP or Bradonian Communist Party declared victory over the Hosenburgian Monarchists in the Bradonian Civil War very little changed in Bradonia, as although Hosenburg was stopped, the preparator, Leon went unpunished and many Bradonians were still unloyal to the regime in Zorangrad/Bradistadt. The Bradonian commune was very unstable, as was still very hated diplomatically. Brady Griffin, at the time was considering restoring the monarchy again, as an Empire, due to being very inspired by the Empire Manchuko and Japan at the time and wanting to restore his honor as well.

Griffin also seeked to better his relationship with the "Texan Trio" a self proclaimed Bradonian Trio of Bradonia, Sasperian and Monmark because those were the 2 nations Bradonia before going communist was "close" with both in foreign affairs and in geography. Furthermore Brady also saw the incompetence of the commune and saw that the Writing was on the wall, and began work on a new constitution which would have "monarchistical elements".

Brady would begin to model the Bradonian constitution after the one of the Kingdom Of Anderonia, a sister kingdom of Monmark with the Permission of Alexander I of Monmark. He would begin preparations for his coronation, which was to happen in 1 week, while in the meantime declaring himself the "Emperor Elect" of Bradonia and tried to establish local monarchies to that of the German Empire, which in reality was just a house of territory for each monarchy, with the Hutto duchy being reinstated after governmental neglect being reinstated as a Grand Duchy and the Duke being upgraded to a Grand Duke, which still exists today. The Hosenburgain semi-autonomous state was also established under the Bradonic name of Hosenburg with it being a Kingdom inside the Bradonian Empire. Griffin would also change the flag to an upside down version of the National flag and would ask for a new coat of arms as well. On April 16th 2021, Brady Griffin was officially coronated as Brady I of Bradonia, beginning his reign.

Griffin would consolidate his friendship with his Texan micronational neighbors and with other micronational monarchies the Emperors unprofessional behavior. Brady Griffin would begin to consolidate power in the nation, continuing popular socialist and other popular legislation, while also making more authoritarian and thoracic legislation. Around this time saw the rise of Bradonian Network a Bradonian News Network which was used to inform Bradonia of upcoming news, and slowly Bradonia Network would switch to news articles instead of videos.

Bradonia, after reconciliation with the Texan Trio, the Empire seemed to be going on a good path, until one day, all the sudden everything goes incredibly wrong and Griffin goes into a mental breakdown, which was believed to be started after a few attempts to return to a communist form of government due to uncertainty in the government caused by governmental incompetence, which would destroy the Texan Trio's trust in Bradonia, ruined diplomatic relations with most micronational blocks, and politically isolated Bradonia from the micronational community, the April Crash also spread into his personal life, screwing up relations with his other friends as well due to well mental breakdowns. This would often be considered the Crisis that ruined Bradonia diplomatically. It was only the Garticus block that would seek to accept the Bradonian nation as an ally, with the Emperor making good friends with the King of Rovia and for a time the Prime Minister of Etsy.

Bradonia's Diplomatic Struggles and Failures

Bradonian Parliament during this time was weak, barley meet and it's Chancellor was very incompetent and it didn't help that the Federalized States that were created with the Empire began diverting authority away from Griffin due to most of the "states" being completely useless except for the Hutto Duchy. The Emperor then decided to revoke and suspend the April Constitution without the permission of the Chancellor, and would declare an absolute monarchy for the time and began the Imperial Dictatorship which would continue until the restoration of the constitutional monarchy in september.

Bradonia after it's absolutist reformation was approached by the Rovian Monarch to join their alliance as before this point the both of them were just friends, and so Bradonia would become the 10th and one of the founding members of the Garticugus League and everything seemed to be going great for Bradonia, however Griffin would disagree with the Rovian Monarch on many things, which did not help the relationship between the 2 nations

It also didn't help that his social life, was falling down again, as many people did not appreciate or like him at all, and even people in the Bradonian Communications server which was ceremonial in all but name, was stagnating due to the King of Rovia begging For Bradonia to become democratic, which lead to an attempt by the Rovian King to democratize Bradonia, however this attempt was crushed, and Bradonia remained an absolute monarchy.

Around this time, Brady would realize how low the micronational community has gone, disagreeing with the concept of micronationalism and micronations and would begin to hold massive resentments towards how some individuals in the community would act, he would view many Micronations with spite or resentment for that reason including its "allies" which Bradonia did not like due to disagreements on what micronationalism was.

Brady Griffin would eventually had enough, and so he left the Garrigus League and took a break from foreign affairs for some time. In june 2021, he proceeded to get back up and reunite with the nation's of the ELM block. A micronational faction which was lead by the Empire of Truto and the Reformed People's Republic. Bradonia on the first week back in the ELM faction would make great friends with Filip Ist of Flavium, as both would share their disdain for how people today acted and their hatred for the ideology "Discord Democracy" .

This would cultivate where both nations in July 2021, would begin the construction of a diplomatic relationship, which went very well at the time, which resulted in mass cooperation between the two, however things would go quickly sour as the Emperor would also get tired of how the ELM faction acted, due to most ELM members acting in ways which the Bradonian Government saw unfit, which would lead to a deterioration of relations between the two.

2021 and the year of trouble

August 2021, saw Bradonian independence day happen to mild success with assistance from the Prince Father, Leon who did his best to support Bradonia on it's special day, however the Emperor was also going back to school, and that caused even more trouble for the nation, due to even more deterioration, but this also saw the Empire become isolationist and decided to begin purging and deleting all social media accounts, but not before an attempt was made to ally with Hetmia, until the Bradonian Account was deleted, this would ultimately cause a dissolution crisis which saw Bradonia come out on top stronger than ever.

This saw Bradonia begin an even more aggressive nation building stance and would begin a nation building period of September to November, which saw more nation building from Bradonia's end, this would cultivate in many way's with culture being expanded upon massively .This also saw the revision of April Constitution to the September Constitution bringing back the constitutional monarchy that was present before the April Crash, and when the monarchy was originally established, it also brought back Daniel as the head of government, with the restored Title of Chancellor which was replaced with Prime Minister for the longest of time.

Around october, saw Bradonia go through a relentless reformation from the at the time religion Roman Catholicism to Presbyterianism, due to members of the imperial family suggesting the emperor switch religion's to the more reformed presbyterian church. This was first denied on the basis of wanting to be a traditionalist state, ever since it's authoritarian period, however decided in favor of it to appease the members of the imperial family.

The final change that would happen was in december, which was the restoration of the Kingdom and the dissolution of the Empire, which happened, due to the Greater Empire not making much sense for the nation itself, and with the emperor wanting to make some reforms to make Bradonia sustainable in the near future, so the Kingdom was brought back and the emperor was restyled as king, it also saw the 2022 January constitution in the work's as Bradonian Parliament was very incompetent.

Overall the Pre-Hosen era of Bradonia was a very flawed era of Bradonia due to instability and incompetence, however the Hosen era has high hopes for the Kingdom.

Politics and government

The Kingdom of Bradonia is a unitary semi-constitutional monarchy with the current head of state, being the King Brady I, but the power of the monarchy is somewhat limited to a constitution however, the Bradonian constitutional monarchy is not ceremonial as in the case of most constitutional monarchies where the monarch is mostly a figurehead. The Monarch of Bradonia is the Head of State of the Kingdom of Bradonia and represents the state. Although the executive branch is wielded by the Chancellor, the Monarch has many executive and political powers which can be used at any time and can under no circumstances be revoked from the Monarch. The Monarch also has emergency legislative power in case of national emergencies where the royal council can't function correctly. The monarch can also veto legislation if they deem it unacceptable, by refusing to sign royal assent, thus voiding the law

The Chancellor is officially appointed by the Monarch and is the official Head of Government of Bradonia. The Chancellor of Bradonia is the head of the executive branch, but despite that fact, the monarch has many executive power's that they hold. The Chancellor has no official term limits due to being appointed by the Monarch, however most Chancellor term's are 6 years in length. The Chancellor is also the head of the Council and is in charge of proposing law's and making political and legislative decisions, however all legislation must be approved by the Monarch in order to become law, as failure to do so, would render the legislation void.

Legislative power is held by the Bradonian Royal Council, which is responsible for passing legislation and performing the functions of the legislative branch. Members of the Royal Council called Council Ministers are appointed by the Monarch to meet and to decide on legislative matters. The Royal Council has a total of 5 seats The Royal Council of Bradonia meets monthly to discuss and debate legislation, and it takes 3/5's of the royal council to pass the legislation, which is then passed on to the Monarch for approval. Unlike most constitutional monarchies Bradonia does not have a parliament nor democratic elections but is constitutional due to the limit's of the Monarch's power, but despite that, the constitutional monarchy of Bradonia allow's for a strong government run under the safety of the Monarchy

Law and order

Domestic security in the Kingdom of Bradonia is guaranteed by the United States military and by the American legal system and legal code due to Bradonia falling within American Borders, as America does not recognize Bradonia. The Bradonic Legal Code or the Bradiotic Legal Code, is the legal code of Bradonia, in which all Bradonian law's are to follow. The Bradoniac Legal system enforces somewhat theocratic and traditional doctrines in terms of political values, but give rights to many minorities and groups, such as the LGTBQ community, and religious minorities. Atheist's in Bradonia are somewhat tolerated, though not whole-heartedly, although not restricted in right's, it is illegal to speak out against religion or Bradonian traditional thought within Bradonian borders. Laws passed by Bradonian legislation are enforced differently and are based on exclusivity, if something is illegal in the American legal code, then it will most likely be dealt with by the American authorities. If something is illegal in Bradonia and goes against Bradonic Code then it will be handled by the Bradonian Authorities.

The Bradonian Constitution has the Monarch and the Chancellor appoint 7 members of justice, who serve for life tenure, with the members of justice being responsible for the judicial rulings of the Bradonian Supreme Court which handles judicial affairs of the Kingdom. Among these 7 members of justice, is the Supreme Judge, who is the head of the members of justice, who is appointed by the Monarch of Bradonia to serve for life tenure and is responsible for the judicial ruling and judicial administration of Bradonia. There are no current members of the Bradonian Supreme Court or the Judicial Council as of 12/2/21, and until members are appointed, all juridical action is to be handled by Bradonian Parliament on behalf of the Monarch.

Foreign relations

Bradonia when it comes to foreign recognition of micronations, the Kingdom of Bradonia holds an isolationistic doctrine of "non-Alliance in peace" and "Neutrality in war" an and according to the Bradonian constitution is permanently neutral, with the sole exception, being expansion in American territory. The Kingdom of Bradonia commits to only recognizing micronations that are either very influential in the micronation world or nations that are recognized by the majority if not all of the members of the United Nations, besides that, the Kingdom of Bradonia is committed to isolationism when it comes to micronational affairs for the time being.

The Kingdom of Bradonia in terms of "macronational" or national recognition recognizes almost every if not all the United Nation member states with the exceptions of the PRC, DPRK, Laos, Barbados, Matla and all communist nations for the reasons stated below. Despite the Kingdom of Bradonia not being recognized by any UN Member or anyone for that matter, it wants to maintain good diplomatic relations with most United Nation members except the nations whom have been listed above.

Nations recognized

Nations not recognized

  • Flag of Malta.png Republic of Malta The Military Order of Malta is Recognized as the Legitimate Government Of Malta by the Bradonian Government, and believes the Republic Of Matla is Illegitimate
  • Flag of Barbados.png Barbados for its plan to abolish the monarchy, despite the majority of people being against it.
  •  People's Republic of China for its genocidal polices which have killed thousands if not millions, not to mention the treatment of Turkistani Muslims and Tibetans.
  •  Democratic People's Republic of Korea for oppression of its people and its nuclear threats towards the United States of America.
  •  Democratic Republic of Laos Bradonia does does not recognize Laos and recognizes the Royal Lao Government in Exile as the rightful government of Laos because the Laos monarchy was wrongfully abolished without the consent of the Laos pepole.

Governments not recognized

  •  Kingdom of Spain Bradonia does not recognize the Kingdom of Spain's "president" Pedro Sanchez for his " false progressive" reforms which go against the Bradonian value of traditionalism, which also threaten the Spanish monarchy.
  •  Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Bradonia does not recognize the current government of Nepal, due to unrightfully being overthrown and banishment of the monarchy all in the name of "fake progress" while also being a radical socialist government.
  •  Republic of Poland Bradonia does not recognize the Polish political party PiS's rule over Poland, due to their treatment of LGBTQ citizens and their behavior that goes' against the EU
  •  Republic of Hungary Bradonia does not recognize the Hungarian Government as the legitimate government of Hungary due to its anti LGTBQ polices.
  •  Republic of Malta Bradonia does not recognize the government of Matla due to its illegitimate rule over Matla. Bradonia views the Sovereign Military order of Matla as the legitimate ruler of Matla and rightful claimant of the island
  • Flag of Barbados.png Barbados Bradonia does not and will not recognize the Barbados government under Mia Mottley and "President" Sandra Mason due to both wrongfully abolishing the Barbadoian monarchy with little to no proof that the Barbados people want that.


The Kingdom of Bradonia does not have a "real military " of its own due to Bradonia's small size, with Bradonia relying on the United States of America for its military support, due to Braodnia's status as a micronation and because of it, the Kingdom of Bradonia does not have the population nor the siez to sustain such a military. The Kingdom of Bradonia and her government views the idea micronational warfare with disgust viewing micronational war, as a mockery of something discusting and foolish alltogether, with the Monarch claiming that "Discord Raids are not War's they are sad attempts at attention". Despite Bradonia's lack of a true military" Bradonia has a very militarized culture, with the Bradonian Monarch sometimes wearing a Vietnam military medal to remember his grandfather's contributions to his fight against the Vietcong in the Vietnam War, and the current Chancellor Daniel Griffin contributed to the vietnam war by fighting the Vietkong, by being a helicopter gunner for the United States army.

Despite those setbacks, Bradonia does have a cerimonial military called the Bradonian Military or the Bradonian Self Defense Force. It is the official military of the Kingdom of Bradonia in which membership is optional, however all Bradonian Monarchs are required to serve under it as per the rules of the monarchy. The Bradonian Military has only 2 branches, the Bradonian Royal Navy and the Bradonian Royal Army both of which are very effective, however the Military does not have an air force and has no guns due to the massive strict gun laws within the country making gun poession illegal. The Bradonian Military uses Swiss army knives as their main weapon of defense using them for defense force rather than an actual weapon. Despite these setbacks many Bradonians take pride in the Bradonian Military and the tradition of the military is respected immensely.

Geography and climate

The Capital of the Kingdom of Bradonia is Bradistadt which is the capital and second largest city of Bradonia located in Fort Worth and is separate from the other constituent countries of Bradonia and Hutto respectively, making it an autonomous city state within the Kingdom. The Largest city of Bradonia is Austrozat which has a population of 5, and home to the king and is located in the the Austonian Crownlands as its capital. They are the only city's within Bradonia due to the small population and size of the nation.

Bradonia consist of 14 exclaves, all of which except one are residential properties with the yards also being claimed. Despite all of them are different in their own way, however most of the exclaves are a part of the Austonian Crownlands. Kingdom of Bradonia and has no distinctive features or connecting borders, making it exclaves, this is because most of the territories are in neighborhoods, and thus, they can't expand without making one individual mad. What the Kingdom lacks in land, it makes up for in population density, having 1-2 people per home in Bradonia, which is high for a micronation, one like Bradonia where all of its citizens are locals, this is because of Bradonia's strict no online citizenship polices, due to the nation and its government, believing that land, territory and culture are what make a nation, rather than government or activity.

Bradonia's terrain is full of forest, and fields, with most of the constituents with the exception of Hutto, which is much more field like, having little trees and much more open field. The Austonian Territories and Bradistadt have the most forested areas with Bradistadt by far being more forested, while The Austonian Territorys has some trees and some grass. Bradonia's geography is based out of backyards and house's, with the Bradonian Swamp being southwest of the Royal Sanctioruim and it was given that name due to it's prone flooding in the area. In terms of landmarks Bradonia, has little landmarks of importance due it's recent session from America, however that's not to say there aren't any. In the Royal Sanctorum located in the Austenian Territories, there was a pond made by the emperor himself which was one of Bradonia's only distinct landmark.

The climate of Bradonia is quite similar despite it all being in a subtropical climate, with it having hot summers and cold winters, however its barley gets snow in the winter, and it gets quite hot in the summer months, as Texas has a lot of hot climate and temperature. Bradonia also has rain, and sometimes tornados and snow can be an occurrence, however both are very rare, and happen once in a lifetime or once a decade, Bradonia has experienced snow before in the form of the February Snowstorm, which happened for a week, and Bradonia in all territories were filled with snow, only Bradistadt's power was turned off by it.

Climate data for Climate Data, for the biggest city of Bradonia Austrozat
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 88
Average high °F (°C) 60
Average low °F (°C) 35
Record low °F (°C) 7
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 2.18


Bradonia as a nation doesn't have much of an economy due to many internal issues which plague Bradonia, this makes it one of the smallest economies if you can call it that in the micronational community. In terms of workers, Bradonia has a work force of 11, with the majority of them working office jobs, this is because Bradonia it's self doesn't have many governmental positions with the sole exception of chancellor and vice chancellor, who cooperate with the king and his greatful majesty's government. Despite it's right-wing rhetoric, it has a somewhat economic left-wing economic system comparable to social democracy, not democratic socialism, social democracy, a governing doctrine with controls capitalism. It has some elements of "socialism" and some "capitalism" in it's government, however most Bradonians, work in America and as such use American money as thier currency, being in a de facto eceonomic union with the United State's of America in order to buy American goods, however their are also benefits for Bradonians such having free access to health care and having desired working conditions within the country. Most Bradonian Regions do not have to pay taxes, either because of the royal family such as in the Austonian Crownlads or special autonomy like in Hutto, however there is an exception with the city of Bradistadt, which the city pays the king a total of 30$ in tributary funds a month, which go to the king himself, for royal tax money.

Most Bradonians live lavish lives, and money isn't a concern to most of them due to most Bradonians relaying on the American economic system to sustain them. Despite socialistic implementations, Labor unions are illegal and are not allowed to operate in Bradonia proper due to their radical agendas.

Culture and media

Bradonian culture is quite unique, with Bradonia taking most of its cultural cues from countries like Mexico, Japan and Germany, with Bradonia respectively implementing some of their cultural aspects in one way or another. An example of this is Bradonia's languages and religion, being a Germanphone speaking nation such as Germany and a Presbyterian nation like Scottland. Bradonia pride and nationalism its self is based on its militaristic culture having a semi-militarized society, with the Bradonian government wearing clothing very influential of that of German Governmental figures in the 1910's and 1800's, an example of this being the Monarch wearing his Royal Robe and a Vietnam military medal to honor the current chancellor's service in the Vietnam war.


In terms of languages in Bradonia, the Kingdom of Bradonia is both a anglophonic and germanaphonic country, with English being the main official language, while German is only a secondary official language within the Kingdom of Bradonia due to most Bradonians being American-Bradonians who speak English rather than German due to being native speakers of the English rather in German, however that isn't to say there isn't German influence, there is, as there is a significant German presence within the country. An example of this German Presence in the country is that, the Bradonian Monarch is sometimes referred to as the "Koing", the national flag is referred to as the "Reichsflag", and some Bradonians call the nation, the "Koingreich", as well as Blutbier, a drink meaning "blood beer" in English.


In terms of religion, most Bradonians follow Christianity with most of the population of Bradonia being Christians, to be more specific the Presbyterian denomination of Christianity. The Presbyterian religion has a great following within Bradonia among its people, and it is even the official religion of the nation. The National Church of Bradonia is referred to as the Presbyterian Church of Bradonia, which acts as the state church of the country. The Presbyterian Church of Bradonia follow's the denomination of Presbyterianism and traditions of Presbyterianism, with the church being followed by all the members of the Royal Family, and by a lot of the citizens of Bradonia itself. In terms of other religions in the country, religion is not tolerated, but very encouraged, with atheism although not illegal, very discouraged within the nation, religion is tolerated so long as citizens of Bradonia respect other people's religions, and don't speak out against the ideology of religion itself


Bradonian cuisine, is a mostly a mix of Mexican and Jappanse cultures as stated before with many dishes being remade, for example Bradonian Omirice which is a spicy version of Omirice replacing ketchup with hot sauce, to show strength, but most importantly its national dish is the Bradonian Taco, which is named after the current Monarch Brady Griffin which is a queso based taco filled with churncy chips and spicy salsa., some other Bradonian dishes and specialties include the following, Blutbier Root Beer and Big Red mixed together, Bradonic Nachos, Horoice, which is just spicy rice, Bradonic Pizza and Frittles, Fries with BBQ sauce/Hot sauce which is another Bradonian Favorite, with all of them being widely eaten in Bradonia.

Music and Art

When it comes to Bradonian music, most Bradonian music revolves around the accordion, with the music following a certain style to that of German accordion song's something equally popular among the nation's people. The Accordion is the national instrument of Bradonia, with it being one of the most listened to instruments in Bradonia, other than that Bradonians are also very interested military music, national anthems, 70's music and 80's music with the genres being very popular in Bradonia, but despite this, modern music is very frowned upon in Bradonia due to the traditional nature of the state, and its resentment of TikTok. In terms of art, Bradonians are very big fans of both anime, and manga, both which are read and watched respectively within the nation and have a cult following within the nation because of its popularity within the country, and its influence over the Bradonian people.

Tradition and Customs

When it comes to traditions and customs, there are many which Bradonia widely practices due to the important culutures and traditions that remain in Bradonia. The Kingdom of Bradonia has an official total of 14 holidays, which the Kingdom of Bradonia celebrates, but the most important one's being Koingsdag and Bradonia Day/Bradonian Independence Day, both of which are very important to the Bradonian Nation, as that is when many festivities such as dog parades and firework shows are hosted. The Kingdom of Bradonia also takes some holidays and customs from the Republic of Molossia as a sign of paternal respect for their dedication towards micronationalism and their status as the father of micronationalsim. An example of this is Emperor Norton day which is a holiday that Bradonia shares with Molossia out of respect of nation and to Emperor Norton of America.

National Symbols

Symbol Name Image References
Flag Flag of Bradonia Flag of Bradonia.svg
Coat of Arms Coat of arms of Bradonia Better Bradonian Coat Of Arms.png
National bird Eastern Blue Bird Eastern Blue Bird.jpg
National mammal Great Pyrenees Great Pyrneese for the Kaiserreich.jpg
National anthem Bradonia Forever
National motto "Bradonia Stand's Strong Forever" (Bradonia Stand's Strong Forever)
National flower Sunflower Sunflowers.jpg
National tree Cherry Tree Cherry Tree.jpg
National church Presbyterian Church of Bradonia Bradonian Presbyterian Church.png
National sport BJJ BJJ Warriors.jpg
Patron saint Saint Patrick
National language English
The German Kaisereich.png
National color      Royal Blue Blue Flag.jpg

National holidays

The following are all the government recognized holidays within the Kingdom, due to their traditional, historical or other valued importance within the Kingdom of Bradonia.

Date Name of the event Description
1 January New Year's Day First day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. It is typically celebrated by a new year's speech by the King of Bradonia, with many staying up to see it.
8 January Emperor Norton Day Is celebrated by having a cookie feast hosted by the King in respect to Emperor Norton I of America
10 January Urgen-Sternburg day The Birthday of Mongol Khan Roman Von Urgern Sternberg. It is celebrated by remembering Roman von Urgen Sternberg, a individual which some have called the modern reincarnation of the current King.
14 February Valentines Day The day of romance, celebrated by giving out valentines and chocolates.
8 April Constitution Day This day serves as the day that the current Bradonian Constitution was made, some refer to it as the April Constitution, an annual parade happens during this day.
15 April Anime Day This day serves as apperation for anime, something many Bradonians are fond of.
16 April Kingdom Day This day serves as the day that the current King was coronated as Brady Griffin of Bradonia, this is celebrated by a speech by the King and a royal parade take's place
Sunday, March or April Easter The day Jesus came back from the dead and rose up in the sky.
5 May Cinco De Mayo The day the Mexicans won the battle against the French invaders, celebrated by going out for Mexican food
9 August Bradonian Independence Day The Independence day of Bradonia, one of 2 primary holidays in Bradonia, the other being the day of the King, it is celebrated with parades, fireworks, flag cakes and partying as well.
31 October Halloween Celebrated by going trick or treating with friends and not to forget Halloween parties as well, and of course white pumpkins
12 November Chancellor Day Event to commemorate the Chancellor of Bradonia's birthday, celebrated with a parade in their name and a speech by the Bradonian Chancellor.
Fourth Thursday of November
(varies with year)
Thanksgiving Day of giving thanks and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year and like Christmas remains mostly unaffected due to it's tradtional value
Fourth Friday of November
(varies with year)
Black Friday Day of going shopping at mall's and getting stuff at smaller deals.
5 December The Day Of The King This is one of the primary holidays in Bradonia, it is celebrated in many ways of the Kings choosing because this is also the Kings birthday as well, making the holiday very respected among the Bradonian People, and it is celebrated as he pleases, and is very simmilar to King's day in the netherland's
25 December Christmas The Birthday of Jesus Christ, and The day where Bradonian Children get special gifts, and celebrate Christmas, despite remaining mostly unaffected due to it's traditional value, Bradonians 2 days before Christmas like to go eat Fried Chicken in respects to Japan to respect the nation of japan's culture.
31 December New Year's Eve Celebrated by having a huge party which the King gives an annual new year's speech and is celebrated by partying

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