Empire of Colonia

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Efpiria un Colonia, Empire of Colonia
Colonia's flag
Hesse Street in the Queenslciff colony.

It's just a prank, bruh!
File:Colonia map.png
Everywhere inside the red boundary is claimed by Colonia (ignore the line going south-west).

Capital citySouth Barwon
Official language(s)Officials: English and Colonian (in decline) Non-officials: Swedish and French
Official religion(s)Accessionism
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- PresidentEthan XXXXXX
- General of armyTess
LegislaturePeople's Assembly
- Last election - August 2015 (United Colonia movement)
EstablishedDecember 2014
Area claimednot calculated
CurrencyEuro (€, internal trade) and Colonian dollar
Time zone+1
National sportBaseball
National dishfish and chips
National animalHorse
Contact: uffgov@gmail.com


Colonia, officially the Empire of Colonia, is a virtual reality (dreaming)region which also claims a planet called Canifor, made up of humanoid "aliens". Founded in 2014, after inspiration from a student at the same school as him created a "fictional" nation called Gahooulia, the nation was made popular all over the internet soon after. It is an enclave and exclave country, consisting of three pieces of land in the Geelong region: one being the Corio campus of Geelong Grammar School, the other covering the region south of the Barwon River (which is where the capital is), the Borough of Queenscliffe and the planet of Canifor, which can be accessed by dreaming.


Main article: History of Colonia

2016 and onwards

Foreign relations

Main article: Foreign relations of Colonia

The Empire of Colonia is a Geelong-based micronation that surrounds Geelong Grammar School, the Sturt Street Gardens in Ballarat, a large island off the in the North Atlantic Ocean, a planet outside the Milky Way, the South Barwon region, and the Borough of Queenscliffe, all in Australia, annexed from the South Barwon region, location anonymous.


The history of original Colonia started in 1256 by Belgium monks who settled on an island off the Irish coast. As English swept through the island whose population had risen, the Belgian dialect of French was wiped out. Modern Colonia's history started in 2015 is recorded in a module, located anonymously in the country. It includes events such as the discovery of the planet, (see below), Creation, Revival, etc. People who don't want to live in Colonia and are in its boundaries (Loyalists) are shown with a boundary around their house on a map.


The religion of Colonia is Accessionism, a sub-Christian religion that worships the Lord Gaben, memes, the saints (including many Youtubers (Pewdiepie)), and the Illuminati. The worship houses are bedrooms.

The official flag of Accessionism.

Foreign Relations

Colonia has an embassy in Geelong, Australia, and a consulate in Melbourne. Colonia strongly opposes Donald Trump's actions and therefore won't have any political relationships with the US. The Empire is officially recognized by 16 official micronations and holds strong ties with Doveland, Allania, Kingdom of New Yankeeland, Gahooulia, and the Republic of Gran Isla.


Colonia is connected to Australia by trains, buses, cars, and planes. There is no public transport on Canifor.


Colonia is surrounded by the coast and is very hilly and moist.

Administrative Regions

There is an administrative region in the east of Melbourne and near Mount Buller, Australia. Colonia has an embassy in Melbourne, it's location censored for privacy reasons. There is an Australian embassy in South Barwon and an Australian consulate in Queenscliff.


Colonia's education is mainly consisted of private schools, with a couple of public primary and secondary schools.


Music is very popular in the region and sport is popular as well. Many of the population are associated with the sea in some way. Lighthouses, history, and geography are widespread and are loved by the locals.

Military and Defence

Colonia is defended by a high-class military. Colonia is up-to-date with the modern world's weapons. There is a secret service that will not be stated on the internet that spies in other countries, and on the internet.


Much of Colonia's imports are originated from Australia, U.K, and the Gran Isla. These include

Population (by Colony)

South Barwon- 52,812 Ballarat- N/A Borough of Queenscliffe- 3,017 Colonia isle- 999,913. Canifor-No census was taken. Geelong Grammar- No permanent population (approx.900)

South Barwon

South Barwon is the province of Colonia where the empire is administered. Approximately 50,000 people live there.

Borough of Queenslciffe

The Borough of Queenscliff(e) is the second-smallest of the provinces, having the smallest population as well (1,416). A historic rail line connects Queenscliff to Drysdale, in Australia. A ferry transports cars and people to the East side of Port Phillip, in Australia. There are many historic buildings in the area, most of them maritime-related.

Aerial view of Queenscliff to the west.

Sturt Street Gardens (Ballarat)

The Sturt Street Gardens is a central reservation running along with one of the main thoroughfares of Ballarat — Sturt Street — after which it is named. The province is landlocked by Australia, as you can see in the nearby photo. The formal gardens span 13 city blocks from Grenville Street in the east to Pleasant Street in the west, are 20 meters (22 yds) wide, and cover an area of 2.87 hectares (7.1 acres) running east-west.

File:Ballarat, Colonia..jpg
The Sturt Street Gardens (the central tree line).

The War with FOAM

The ongoing war with FOAM (Fascist Organization of Anti-Micronations) has been a tough one. FOAM apparently lays claim to everything that is foam, which, according to the Supreme Minister, is "Stupid".

Battle of Geelong

The location of the Battle of Geelong- at Geelong Grammar's sports field- happened on the 25/05/2017. It involved an argument about the point of micronations, the question being hurled from a member of FOAM, started a fight on one of the Australian Football League (AFL) fields, and involved students from another school. This involved most members of the United Oceanic League of Micronations (UOLM). The duration of the battle lasted for around 10 minutes and was ceased when a sports teacher arrived. Both sides, UOLM and FOAM, retreated.

The micronational debate of 2017

This debate/argument, happening between a period of 2 months in their art classes at their school, was about the point of "Are there a point for micronations?" This left the leaders of the UOLM stumped for a few days and then came up with an answer.

The War of the Grammar Pool

On the 21st of June, a large battle began in the Geelong Grammar Pool, involving the micronations of Colonia, Julsington, Albania, and the Parisian Empire, against the dreaded FOAM (Fascist Organisation of Anti-Micronations) and the Clan. The war started with an outburst of shots from a noodle, with reinforcements from Australia (Oscar #####). The war-ravaged far about an hour until the first ceasefire was organized for tactics to end the prolonged war with FOAM. The plan only worked a slight bit, in which a rendezvous point was organized. The plan eventually failed. The war continued until another ceasefire was called when members of FOAM asked how micronations work. Curious, the United Oceanic League of Micronations paused and explained, in the hope that they would make a micronation. This again failed. In the final moments of the battle, the micronations put on some fierce fighting, eventually winning from the help of Oscar ##### and Joshua ###### (President of i2, now Austin Powers League), who originally left the battle 15 minutes in. The micronations celebrated their victory and headed to the bus home victorious