Empire of Ardelia

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Empire of Ardelia
Black and White
Coat of arms
Royal anthem: "O' Ardelia"
Ardelia (orange) on the world map
Ardelia (orange) on the world map
CapitalNew Exerton
Largest cityKorporialis
Official languagesEnglish, Welsh
Recognised national languagesLithuanian, Russian, Spanish
Recognised regional languagesUkrainian, Serbian
Christianity 95%
Nonreligious 4%
Other 1%
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Minister President
Alexi Von Amberton
• Monarch
Shah Justinian III
Sovereign State on the fictional planet of Mors Prime
• Organized into state (fictional)
3 October 1898
• Created (real world)
5 March 2019
• Total
430,357 km2 (166,162 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
42.3 Million
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
☊8.4 Billion (2017)
very high
• Per capita
☊46,000 (2017)
CurrencyArdelian Dollars (☊) (AED)
Time zoneMUT (Mors Universal Time)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.ea

The Empire of Ardelia is a wiki based geofictional "micronation" located on the fictional planet of Mors Prime. More specifically, within the continent of Archia. The nation is currently subdivided into three constituencies (North Ardelia, South Ardelia and Soul Island). The state is also a member of the LSN.


Ardelia was one of the founding members of the planet of Mors Prime. The nation was also the founding state if the LSN.

Real Life

The nation of Ardelia was founded in late March of 2019 by micronationalist Charles (Charlie) Ross. The state was founded in an attempt to create a new simulationist state that would spearhead Mr. Ross' new project, the fictional planet of Mors Prime.

In Universe

According to historical records, the earliest known mention of the word "Ardelia" to refer to the land in Archia was in early 1503 when it is believed that Ardelia began it's existence as a feudal state of the (now) Vossk Empire. It was during this time (roughly 1503-1541) that Ardelia was ruled over by it's first feudal Lord. This individual was Prince Justinian I, Grand Duke of Ardelia.

Ardelia remained a feudal vassal state of Vossk for the next three hundred years until early 1890. It was at this time that political instability within Vossk led to a collapse of the government and the feudal system with it. Seeing that Vossk was too preoccupied to deal with it (and seeing that her people wished to live as an independent nation) then ruler Princess Argoli I, Grand Duchess of Ardelia declared her nation's independence from Vossk and on 3 October 1898, the Imperial State of Ardelia was formed and Princess Argoli's son, Prince Justinian (who had become ruler of Ardelia in 1896) was crowned as the first Shah of Ardelia, taking the title of Shah Justinian II.

Post Independence

Following it's independence, Ardelia maintained a mostly neutral stance in regards to international politics and attempted to distance itself as much as possible from other neighboring nations (save for the Republic of Potomia whom Ardelia maintained close relations with). However, this did not stop the Vossk Empire from attempting (on multiple occasions) to invade Ardelia.

Regardless of this, not much happened following independence (with a few notable exceptions).


The physical geographical makeup of Ardelia consists primarily of flat wooded territory. The only disruption to this is a large bay (Yn Ddiogel Bay) that splits the nation in half. The country borders Vossk to the west and the Continental Ocean to the north.


The Empire of Ardelia is an absolute monarchy with a Shah as head of government and state. However, a Minister President is elected by the people every five years who's job it is to advise the monarch on internal affairs and make suggestions for legislature and decisions.


The purpose of the monarchy is to govern the state and people of Ardelia.

The monarchy of the Empire of Ardelia has existed since the days when the state was a feudal principality of the Vossk Empire. The monarchs have been...

  • Prince Justinian I, Grand Duke of Ardelia: (12 October 1503 - 11 September 1541)
  • Princess Victoria I, Grand Duchess of Ardelia: (12 September 1541 - 1 March 1600)
  • Princess Victoria II, Grand Duchess of Ardelia: (12 March 1600 - 8 December 1688)
  • Prince Hymlik I, Grand Duke of Ardelia: (10 December 1688 - 4 July 1703)
  • Prince Sebastian I, Grand Duke of Ardelia: (8 July 1703 - 1 January 1799)
  • Prince Wilhelm I, Grand Duke of Ardelia: (2 January 1799 - 16 March 1833)
  • Princess Argoli I, Grand Duchess of Ardelia: (16 March 1833 - 1 January 1896)
  • Prince/Shah Justinian II: (3 January 1896 - 1 December 1935)
  • Shah Sebastian II: (3 December 1935 - 20 March 1962)
  • Queen Victoria III: (21 March 1962 - 2 August 1984)
  • Queen Susania I: (2 August 1984 - 1 January 2004)
  • Shah Justinian III: (2 January 2004 - Incumbent)


Ardelian Marine Infantrymen practice marching in formation (circa 1944)

The Ardelian armed forces consist of five primary branches, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Royal Guard. Each Branch is dedicated to a specific part of Ardelia's Defense.

The total number of active military personnel is roughly 3,999,100. However, the entire male population of Ardelia (on and over the age of 16) is available for conscription if needs be during times of war.

Branch Active Personnel Primary Mission Aircraft Sea Vessels
Army 1.2 Million Secondary Defense, Foreign Security 201 (All Helicopters) 0
Navy 800,000 Sea Born Protection, Naval Defense, Search and Rescue, Sea Born Law Enforcement 13 (3 Helicopters, 3 Fighters, 7 Other) 87 (6 Battleships, 1 Destroyer, 40 Patrol Vessels, 40 Other)
Air Force 689,100 Airborne Defense 12,000 (10,000 Fighters, 1,000 Bombers, 500 Tanker Aircraft, 100 Helicopters, 400 Other) 0
Marines 1.3 Million Offensive Attack Force 12 (All Helicopters) 12 (Landing Craft)
Royal Guard 10,000 Border Patrol/Protection 2 (1 Helicopter, 1 Reconnaissance Aircraft) 22 (All Patrol Craft)


Ardelian troops near the Vossk border during the 2005 Ardelian Border Conflict

Since the early 20th century, the only two wars that have occurred in Ardelia's history have been with it's neighboring state, the Vossk Empire. These conflicts were...

Foreign Relations


The Ardelian culture is strongly reminiscent of eastern European Slavic and Nordic cultures.