Allandus Regime

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The Allandus Regime

2013 — 2014


For the Regime!
Capital cityAlium City
Largest cityAlium City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)None
Short nameAllandus
- EmperorEmperor Alfie I
Established8th August 2013
Area claimed30m (estimated)
Population5 (as of 2013 census)
Time zone(UTC)
National sportNone
National animalBulldog
Patron saintNone

The Allandus Regime, also known as Allandus or The Empire of Allandus is a autonomous territory which claims to be a independent country, but outsiders refer to it as a micronation. Solely located in England, Allandus declared independence from the United Kingdom on the 8th August 2013, at approximately 4:50pm. The Allandus Regime is a enclave and exclave territory, bordered on all sides by the w:United Kingdom's city of Hull. Allandus has a temperate climate. The Allandus Regime itself covers about 23 meters of territory that is divided into 3 Regions. The capital and largest city is Alium City. The official and most common language is English. The population of the Allandus Regime is 5, with 3 citizens.

History of the Regime

The area around Allandus and Great Britain is long and complex. In the Iron Age, the present-day Alium City and the surrounding area (Yorkshire) was controlled by the Celtic Brigantes and Parisii tribes. After the Roman invasion and conquest of Britain in 43 CE, the area became a client state of the Roman Empire, but the Romans suffered frequent rebellions from the local Celtic tribes. The Romans later invaded, and the Brigantes and Parisii tribes were conquered in 71 CE. Under Roman rule, Eboracum (now York) was fortified and became a major city in the Empire itself. It was soon made the capital of Britannia Inferior, the northern half of England. Kingston upon Hull itself was founded in 1193 and was one of the major fronts in the English Civil War. Hull was the worst hit target apart from London in the Blitz, and in the 2000's, new major shopping centres, public service, housing and commercial business were largely spent on. Then, on the 8th August 2013, The Allandus Regime declared independence from the UK.

Government and politics

The government of the Allandus Regime is a constitutional monarchy with a limited parliament. The government is lead by the monarch usually, but when a regency is in place, usually the prime minister leads the government. The monarchy is headed by the Emperor of the Allandus Regime, who has almost-complete power over the nation. The parliament consists of seasoned nobles of the Regime and other high-ranking members of the upper class. The Empire itself is divided into three regions; two of the regions are usually ruled by either the Emperor's friends or good local leaders. The remaining one region is the Capital of the Regime. The Capital is ruled by the Emperor himself, and he is usually based there.

Law and order

Law, order, and safety within the borders of the Regime are the responsibility of the Allandine Police. Crimes are tried by the Regime High Court. If a person is found guilty of a crime, it is decided upon by the nobles of parliament or the populace, depending on the severity of the crime. Crime in the Regime is practically non-existent, due to the country being new and the fact that the police are relatively decent at their job. The usual punishments include exile, community service, and limited slavery, where the punished person becomes the servant for the local lord for a small time.


Relations outside of the Allandus Regime is the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Internal relations with other lords are also managed by the same Ministry. So far, the Allandus Regime is relatively unknown in terms of relations and diplomacy.


On the 29th September 2013, the Allandus National Gaurd was created. The Allandus National Gaurd (The ANG) is based on the British Army, with some ranks being of Roman origin. The ANG is split up into the Land Army and the Infiltration corps. The Land Army's job is primarily to defend the Empire itself, while the Infiltration corps is managed by the Ministry of Espionage and focus on spying. The Allandus Regime has peacetime and wartime conscription laws. In peacetime, all males should serve in the army for a maximum of 10 days, while in wartime all males must serve until the war ends.


The Empire of the Allandus consists of two separate pieces of land that are relatively close to each other. The first, Great Alium City, is composed of two provinces, including the capital city itself of Alium City. The other, Meadow Territory, is a territory that comprises nearly half of Pine Meadows, which used to be entirely owned by the UK before the Regime was created.




Foreign media is controlled by the government, and is restricted, though not heavily.

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