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Empire of Adammia
Imperium Adammiae
Flag of Adammia.svg
Coat of arms
Motto: Quaerentibus sapientiam et honorem (Latin: Seek wisdom an' honour)
Anthem: National: Chariots of Fire
Emperor's: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Approximate loacations of central region and colonies; onny Bri'ish territ'ries a' shoan
CapitalImperial Ci'y
Largest cityAdamsville
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentExecu'ive constitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Adam I
Lord Marchael
Laedy Peace
LegislatureImperial Parliment
Establishment13 Aepril 2013
• (plus 111 hon'rary ci'izens) (23 ci'izens a' territorial residents) census
CurrencyPaand Sterlin' (GBP)
Time zoneUTC
Member staate o' t'Grand Unifaad Maacronational

T'Empire of Adammia, moar commonly knoan as simply Adammia, is a maacronaetion maenly locae'ed on t'island o' Grae' Bri'ain, wi some small parts locae'ed in con'inen'al Europe.[1] T'nation is maede up o' 15 non-contiguous enclaeve territ'ries surraanded ba t'counties o' West Yoarkshire, North Yoarkshire, an' t'West Midlands in t'Unaated Kingdom, an' ba Britt'ny in France. Adammia 'as a surface area o' 179,030m² (44.2 aecres) an' a population o' 54 full ci'izens, of 'om 23 a' territorial residents.

T'Empire's form o' gov'ment is a constitutional monarchy wi' a parlamen'ry system, defaaned ba t'Empire's constitution, t'Supreme Directive. T'current an' soo far oanly monarch is Emperor Adam I, 'oo 'as ruled since Adammia wa faanded on 13 Aepril 2013. Adammia's official capi'al is Imperial Ci'y. Other ci'ies include Adamsville an' A'enbrough. T'Empire consists o' four provinces, two colonies an' foar territ'ries.

T'Empire's toatal saaze 'as fluctuae'ed throughou' its 'ist'ry, staarting aat wi' 5m² in Emperor Adam I's bedroom when it wa' first faanded in 2013. It wen' on to annex faave provinces oaver t'following year, which a' t'oanly constan' paart o' t'Empire; colonies an' territories come and goa frequen'ly. T'majority o' t'Empire's area comes from t'Jagstoanian Plaanes, a territ'ry which covers a laarge paark. All other subdivisions o' t'Empire are, for t'moast par', single residential buildin's. T'Empire's surface area peaked in March 2015 a' 150,707m² (37.2 aecres), but since then i' 'as declaaned significan'ly after t'foarmer colonies of Creatuxia an' Borealia left t'Empire. Wi' all its territ'ry surraanded ba t'UK, English is t'first language o' moast Adammic ci'izens, an' this is reflected in t'fact tha' it's t'Empire's official language.

Adammia 'as a small services-baesed economy an' t'gov'ment's main source of income is through volunt'ry contributions. Moast ci'izens work in an' import goods from the'r respective macronaations, givin' 'em livin' standards expected for a developed country. Intermaacronationally, Adammia 'as 'ad periods of 'aaghtened influence, wi' Emperor Adam I serving twaace as Chair o' t'Grand Unifaad Maacronational in 2014 an' 2015. Adammia is curren'ly a member staate o' t'GUM, an' is rebuildin' its diploma'ic influence after a period of aasolaetionism; Adam I is curren'ly servin' a third term as GUM Chair. Its milit'ry is fairly large ba maacronational standards, wi' 21 servicemen. Under Dresner's System o' Classificaation, it 'as a score o' 3.6, an' under Linden's Revaased System i' scores 4.0.


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