Empire Fédéral du Nouveau-Lochaber

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Empire Fédéral du Nouveau-Lochaber
Drapeau du Royaume de Nouveau-Lochaber.jpgArmoiries de l'Emire du Nouveau-Lochaber.png

French :Le Peuple est fort, l'Empire est fier, l'Empereur Défend
Situation de Glencoe Wood.jpg
Glencoe, Lochaber, Scotland
Montpellier, Occitanie, France
Capital cityMontpellier
Largest cityMontpellier
Official language(s)French
Official religion(s)Laic
Short nameNouveau-Lochaber
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy (with a secondary constitution)
LegislatureCouncil of Ministers
Established20 May 2019
Time zoneUTC
National sportSwimming and fishing
National animalScots cats
Patron saintSt. Andrews and Saint Roch

The Empire Fédéral du Nouveau-Lochaber (Federal Empire of Nouveau-Lochaber), commonly known as Nouveau-Lochaber, is a micronation located in the Scottish Highlands and the French city of Montpellier(where the imperial city is based). Nouveau-Lochaber is an absolute monarchy. The Empire became Federal the 11th of November 2020, to a better governance all over the territory. The Empire Fédéral du Nouveau-Lochaber doesn't exist anymore, after its dissolution.


The etymology of Nouveau-Lochaber can be divided into two parts:

  • the ancient Province of Lochaber(or the British constiuency of Ross, Skye and Lochaber), where Nouveau-Lochaber's Scottish territory, the village of Glencoe, is located
  • the French word "nouveau", which can be derived from the Latin word "novus"(meaning "new")


Nouveau-Lochaber was founded on 20 May 2019. On the same day, the Empire's present territories were claimed. The "Fête Nationale" was the 1st December. The 7th February 2021, the Empire have been dissolved by the Emperor, after a Coup d'État.

Politics and government

Nouveau-Lochaber is an absolute monarchy; that is, the Emperor has all powers inside the government. The judicial system of Nouveau-Lochaber is managed by the Imperial Supreme Court.

Law and order

All forms of segregation or discriminations, whether by race, origin, or gender, are outlawed in Nouveau-Lochaber. In addition, the Emperor holds final say in a trial. The Empire does not have a standing army; however, it is defined in the constitution.


The monarchy of Nouveau-Lochaber is headed by an Emperor or Empress, depending on the monarch's gender.

The coat of arms of the Emperor

Foreign relations

Unilateral recognization

Recognition refused

Geography and climate

The geography and climate of Nouveau-Lochaber can change depending from territory to territory. In Glencoe, the average temperature is 8.6 °C(47.5 °F), and lies 12m above sea level. In Montpellier, France, the average weather is 20 °C(68 °F), and sits 30m above sea level.

Culture and media

The culture of Nouveau-Lochaber is based upon the cultures of the Scottish Highlands and the French region of Occitanie.