Emperor of Paradise Island

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Emperor of Paradise Island
Coat of Arms of the Empire of Paradise Island.png
Imperial Coat of Arms of Paradise Island
Emperor Alexander of Paradise Island.png
Alexander I

Style His Imperial and Most Catholic Majesty Majesty
First monarch Alexander I
Formation May 18, 1983
Appointer Hereditary
Divine right

The Emperor of Paradise Island (French: Empereur de Paradise Island) is the monarch of the Empire of Paradise Island and the supreme leader over Paradise Island and the government as an absolute monarch. The Emperor of Paradise Island is also called the Islandese Emperor and Emperor of the Islandese, the title is owned by Alexander I of the House of Poivre, the current ruling Imperial dynasty of Paradise Island. The Emperor has absolute and unlimited executive, legislative and judicial powers concentrated in his hands. Ruling through benevolence and respect to his people the Islandese.


During the Republic

Before the rise of the Empire, the Republic of Paradise Island (simply known as Islandese Republic) was founded in 1975 (BRA 8) after the fall of the Confederacy of Paradise Island by the execution of the Confederacy Council members by the Republicans who led the Islandese Revolution supported by the United States and the United Kingdom (who were Confederacy of Paradise Island's potential enemies). The Revolutionary Army led a desperate fight against the Islandese Confederate Army, like during the Battle of Paradise City and the siege of the Confederate Palace (now turned into the Presidential Palace and later and currently the Imperial Palace of the Emperor of Paradise Island). After 8 months of fighting, the Confederates surrendered and were executed for crimes against humanity, denial of rights and no respect of equality of races and sexes.

They proclaimed the Republic of Paradise Island, and lead a series of reforms as guaranteeing the civil rights and civil liberties and the beginning of reparation of the capital. In September 3, 1976 (BRA 7), the National Convention organised a reunion about the establishment of a constitution. The Constitution of the Republic of Paradise Island (also the Constitution of the Islandese Republic) was signed and enacted with a President of the Republic as head of state and head of government and owner of the executive power with a benevolent military government. The Republic of Paradise Island established multiple alliances like with the United States and the United Kingdom who were its supporters and now allies. The Republic send an Islandese Expeditionary Force to the Vietnam War supporting the Americans and South Vietnam against the North Vietnam due of the strong presence of Anti-Communism in Paradise Island, but were departed due of the defeat of the Americans and the decisive victory of North Vietnam that actually led the reunification and the formation, in current days, of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The Islandese Republic suffered a Communist uprising, but again supported by the United States and the United Kingdom against the Islandese Communists supported by the East European Communist countries and supported by North Korea in secret.

Political Crisis

In 1980 (BRA 3), Paradise Island faced a political crisis due of the incompetence of the Government of the Republic of maintaining order, justice and stability, the growing racist and communist movements and in the threat of a coup d'état or a civil war. Two months of the same year, a brilliant Egalitarian politician, a charismatic man of peace and a great admirer of Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander Pepper, won the election with success and demand that he should exercise executive and legislative powers. He led a series of arrest of racist and communist followers, and the establishment of a strong and autocratic benevolent military dictatorship under his presidency. In August 2, 1981 (BRA 2) The Islandese people, and the Senate proclaim Alexander Pepper President for Life and protector of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity of our Paradise. Alexander Pepper was venerated through a cult of personality for heroic actions like saving Paradise Island from of a upcoming civil war and portraying him in similar fashion of Kim-Il Sung, but he stated that he's not a Communist and actually extremely anti-Communist as he's an United States supporter.

Rise of the Empire

In May 18, 1983 (BRA 0), Alexander Pepper led a great speech after the event a group of Sith Cultists attempting of overthrowing him but he defeated them after revealing to them that he's a all-powerful Force-user and strongly skilled in Lightsaber combat, declaring that in order to ensure the security, the continuing stability and protection of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and that the Republic will be reorganized into the Empire of Paradise Island for a safe paradise, protecting liberty and securing their society and was proclaimed by the Senate in full of cheer and officially crowned in December 2 of the same year as Emperor of Paradise Island.

Empire of Paradise Island as Universal protector

The Empire of Paradise Island under the incredible leadership of Emperor Alexander became a series of fighting against minor wars across the world by supporting the factions only if they are interesting on goodness, benevolence, equality and respect, helping them defeating their main enemies. The Empire of Paradise Island became more and more popular around the world for his heroic actions of maintaining the world safe from terrorists and criminals. Suddenly the entire world proclaims the Empire of Paradise Island as the rightful international peacekeeping government due of the incompetence of the United Nations having no military force as Emperor Alexander described it as the Second League of Nations who again like the First League of Nations have failed of maintaining peace and stability around the world and never have a military force, but due of the benevolence of Emperor Alexander, he decided to give the United Nations a chance under his advice and honorary leadership.

Emperor's royal style

The Emperor is referred as "His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Paradise Island" or simply as "His Imperial Majesty the Emperor" or "His Majesty the Emperor".

The Emperor's full style is: "His Imperial and Most Catholic Majesty, By the Grace of God and the Will of the People, Defender of the Catholic Faith, Emperor of Paradise Island, Son of God, Emperor of France, Emperor of Hawaii, Emperor of India, Emperor and Sultan of the Ottomans, Emperor of the Romans, Emperor of the Women, Emperor of Amazon Lily, Emperor of the Kujas, Patriarch of Paradise Island, Protector of Earth and the Universe, Lord Protector of Women's Rights, Lord Protector of Children's Rights, Lord Protector of Animal Rights, Lord Protector of Sentient Beings' Rights, Lord Protector of Human Rights".