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Emperor Of the Aspen Empire or Aspenia is the title given to the Head of state of the Aspen Empire. The Emperor is typically understood as the supreme executive authority over the veto if the Emperor refuses royal assent. The most interesting duty of the Emperor of the Aspen Empire is that he is the head of state and is usually seen on official state visits.


The Emperor of the Aspen Empire is a position that was created after the consolidation of the three kingdoms of Arspendale, Lumberton, and Farmingdale, initially the ruler was called the King of the United Kingdom of Aspenia, this was until the creation of the Aspen Empire. Since the creation of the Aspen Empire, the Head of state has been referred to as Emperor, starting with the current ruler, Emperor Jaques Christian I (John Christopher I) of the Aspen Empire.

Titles and Honors

The Emperor holds the titles and honors of: His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Jaques Christian Holder and Protector of the Crosses of Aspendale, Farmingdale, and Lumberton.

These titles and honors are hereditary, with the heir to the throne, Grand Duke Rhys d'Aspendale, set to be the next in line for the throne, and thus will receive the titles and honors of the Emperor of Aspenia.

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