Emperor of Amazon Lily

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Emperor of Amazon Lily
Empereur d'Amazon Lily
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Emperor Alexander of Amazon Lily.png
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Alexander Yamamoto

Style His/Her Imperial Majesty
First monarch Alexander Yamamoto and Boa Hancock
Formation May 18, 1983
Appointer Hereditary (de jure; officially)
Divine right (de facto; traditionally)
Residence Imperial Palace, Imperial City, Amazon Lily City

The Emperor of Amazon Lily ((Chinese: Traditional: 亞馬遜百合皇帝; Simplified: 亚马逊百合皇帝; pinyin: Yàmǎxùn Bǎihé Huángdì); Japanese: アマゾン・リリー皇帝 Amazon Rirī Kōtei; French: Empereur d'Amazon Lily), also simply called The Emperor (皇帝 Huángdì, Kōtei; L'Empereur), is from and since July 11, 1522 the monarch and ruler of Amazon Lily, and he's the head of state (also head of government) and absolute monarch, and he bears the style of "His Majesty". This title plays a symbolic role of the island and the world. That of Empress of Amazon Lily is the title that takes the wives of the Emperors.

Emperor's royal style

The Emperor of Amazon Lily was formally referred to as "His Majesty the Emperor of Amazon Lily" (as well as simply "His Majesty the Emperor").

Formal address to the Emperor of Amazon Lily is seriously in Amazon Lily. There are two ways of addressing the Emperor of Amazon Lily:

  • Traditional Chinese: 陛下 (Bìxià), 殿下 (Diànxià)
  • Japanese: 陛下 (Heika), 殿下 (Denka)
  • French: Votre Majesté, Votre Altesse
  • English: Your Majesty, Your Highness

Emperor of Amazon Lily was also referred as "The Emperor" and alternatively called "My Lord" or "My Emperor". Kikyo the most faithful servant of the Emperor calls him "My Master" or simply "Master".