Emperor Logan I

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Logan I
Logan I.jpg
An image of Logan I in a doorframe, this image is commonly associated with him.
Emperor of New Cymru, Emperor of Aenopia
Reign9 May 2019–present
PredecessorThrone established

Emperor Logan I is the current and only monarch of Aenopia and the former and only monarch of the now-defunct New Cymru. He was the Speaker of the Chamber for the OAM until Aenopia left the ill-fated organisation, subsequently this was dissolved. He was the first monarch of New Cymru and is the founder until its own dissolution. He is also the seventh Prime Minister of Tsardom of Phokland as of 10 September 2019.

Logan is also known for snorting peanuts, a habit frequently enjoyed during meetings of the OAM. He also is rumored to have snorted Doritos as an alternative, as the Emperor does not have unlimited stores of peanuts. He is said to particularly enjoy spicy peanuts, likely because of the feeling that they leave after they are snorted.

Personal life

Logan considers himself a Single Mother, despite being a male and having no children whatsoever. He also engages in normal human activities like breathing and voting for Brexit.


Logan was born at a very young age.