Emperor Eoin I

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His Imperial Majesty
Eoin I
Imperator Caesar Ioannes Augustus
New Antrian Emperor and Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans

Emperor of New Antrim
Reign 13 January 2020 - present
Coronation Not Crowned
Predecessor Himself as King of Neilston or Chairman of the Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of New Antrim
Partner None
Dynasty O'Neill Dynasty
Father HIH Emperor Father Michael
Mother HIH Emperor Mother Deborah
Born 21st December
Belfast Royal Hospital, Belfast, United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Religion Catholic Christian

Emperor Eoin I also known as Imperator Caeser Ioannes Augustus or Eoin James Mark O'Neill outside of Micronational life. is the Emperor of the Empire of New Antrim.

Non-micronational life

Eoin was born in Belfast on December 21st.

He attended St. Bernards Primary School and Edmund Rice College as a child and as a teenager.

Micronational career

Eoin founded New Antrim in 2017, he later became it's Emperor in 2019.

Awards & Decorations

Emperor of New Antrim (January 2019)

 Grand Imperator