Emperor Connor I

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Emperor Connor I
Personal information
Born 25 September 2001 (2001-09-25) (age 19)
Citizenship Second Zuhan Empire
Nationality Zuhanese
Political party Democratic Party
Residence Kalamazoo, Michigan
Religion Christian

Personal Life

Emperor Connor I was born on 25 September 2001 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He has a sister and has lived with his mother and father and his sister all of his life. Connor graduated from High School in May 2020. Connor has been accepted and will be attending Western Michigan University in the fall of 2020 and will be studying Business.


Education has always been important to Connor's life. All throughout high school, he was a straight-A student and graduated with a 3.9 GPA. He encouraged his classmates to strive for greatness in school and often was looked to as someone who people could go to for help in school. He has mentored various at-risk elementary school students in order to set them on the right path towards success in school.


Connor is very interested in both micronational and macronational politics. He is a centrist but identifies with the Democratic Party of the United States but supports some policies of the Republican Party. He thinks that the best form of government is a constitutional monarchy. In micronational politics, Connor has installed a constitutional monarchy as the governing ideology of the Second Zuhan Empire. He feels that this form of government is the most stable out of all of them.


Connor has always liked the outdoors. He is an avid golfer and works at a golf course during the spring, summer, and autumn months. He also likes activities such as fishing during spring, summer, and autumn and likes to go morel mushroom hunting in the spring.

Micronational Career



Connor founded the Zuhan Empire on 26 March 2019. He was inspired by various YouTube videos that he watched about micronations and news articles about them. Connor was very interested in politics before starting his micronation and thought that starting a micronation would be a perfect hobby for Connor due to his love of politics.


In September of 2019, Connor started a Minecraft server that took off in the span of a few months and found that he didn't have time to run Zuhan due to him constantly needing to spend time working on his server. That led him to make the decision to abdicate the throne on 1 January 2020. He abdicated the throne and was succeeded by Archie Birch of Misberia. In March of 2020, Connor decided that he wanted to make his return to micronationalism as his server shut down due to his server running into difficulties.

Various Micronations:

Throughout Connor's micronational career, he has been involved in many micronational projects and organizations. The micronations that Connor has been involved in are Misberia, the United Federation of Pacoism, and more. The organizations that Connor has been involved in are the United Sovereignties, GUM, and the New England Sector.



Full Title:

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Connor I of the Second Zuhan Empire, Sovereign Prince of the Principality of Rowe and the Mara Isles and Duke of Rowe and Mara.