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Act of Parliament - I - 05\06\2013 - Currency

The Eleftherian Currency shall be the Neos Drachma. There shall be Coinage and Banknotes. New Series shall occur no less than every two years, and no more that six years. New Printing shall occur no less than six months and no more than two years.

The Coinage shall be two cents, five cents, twenty cents, fifty cents, and one dollar. The Banknotes shall be two dollar, five dollar, ten dollar, twenty-five dollars, fifty dollars, and one hundred dollars. For Banking Transfers and Government Money, there is five hundred and thousand dollar bills.

Eleftherian Currency is equal to exactly half of American Currency.

Common Series number one will compose of the following.

Two Cents =Front, Vivian Norris; Back, amount of Kerma

Five Cents =Front, Bob Marley; Back, "Everything is going to be alright" ~Bob Marley.

Twenty Cents =St. John The Wonder Worker; Back, Elder Ephriam.

Fifty Cents =Front, St. Nester; St. Nester's Cathedral.

One Dollar Coin =Front, Archbishop; Back, Imerial Arms.


Two Dollars = Front, St. Demetrius; Back, St. Demetrius'.

Five Dollars = Front, St. John The Baptist; Back, River Jorden.

Ten Dollars = Front, Fr. Michael Platanis and the Planned Cathedral; Back, James Leventis and Court House

Twenty-Five Dollars= Front, Flag of the Empire; Back, Coat of Arms.

Fifty Dollars = Front, Demetrios III Leventis; Back, Ioannis I Platanis.

One Hundred Dollars:Front, Patron Saint of Eleftheria (Archangel Michael); Back, signin of the Constitution.


Five Hundred Dollars =N/A

One Thousand Dollars =N/A