Orthodox Church of Eleftheria

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The Eleftherian Orthodox Church, formally known as the The Greek Orthodox Church of All Eleftheria, is the central and state official religion of Eleftheria.


The Greek Church in Eleftheria is lead by the Archbishop of Plaventis, who is nominated by the Council of Bishops and approved by the Monarch and in the future also the Archbishop of Athens. He is responsible for presiding over the Council of Bishops, regulating affairs internally and externally with other churches and religions,and appointing Bishops along with the Augusti.


The Archbishop of Plaventis is the overseer of the entire church. Under the Archbishop, are the regular Bishops, one for every three protopresebyters. The Bishops are responsible for choosing protopresybeter, and is also the primus inter pares of the Council of Elders for the monasteries and sketes in his diocese. The Protopresbyter is charged with overseeing three other churches along with his.