Exarchate of Eleftheria

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Exarchate of Eleftheria
Θυρεός της Ιμβρασίας.png

Capital city Leventepoli
Official language(s) English, Greek
Official religion(s) Orthodox Church
Demonym Imvrassian
Government Constitutional monarchy
- Regent of Imvrassia Despotes Aggelos
- Exarch Paraskevas Palaiologos
Established 26 May 2016 as Exarchate
Area claimed 20,000 square meters
Population 20
Currency Imvrassian Drachma
Time zone UTC-5
National sport Association Football
National drink Red Wine
National animal Byzantine Eagle
Patron saint Archangel Michael

Eleftheria is an Exarchate of the Kingdom of Imvrassia.


Eleftheria is the word for liberty in Greek.


Eleftheria was founded in 2011 as a republic. In 2012 the country became an Empire, influenced by the Empire of New Europe, another micronation on the community. After about two years of relative dormancy, the Empire was annexed as an Exarchate from Imvrassia in 26 May 2016.


Eleftheria is an Exarchate of the Kingdom of Imvrassia and is ruled by an Exarch who is nominally appointed by the Crown of Imvrassia but is thought to be hereditary. The Exarch rules for life and is not bound by any constitution.

Administrative Divisons

Eleftheria is composed of counties, created by the Exarch at his pleasure. They serve no administrative purpose and are purely ceremonial.


Eleftherian culture is based on Greek and American culture, with influences from France, Spain, the Slavic Countries and the Mid-East.