Elections and political parties in Aspinburgh

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There are currently three political parties in Aspinburgh as of March 31, 2011. All citizens, age 17 or older, have the right to form a political body.

Current parties

Aspinburgh Party

Aspinburgh Party
LeaderStephen Paffens Jr.
John Brussels
FoundedAugust 23, 2009
HeadquartersPaffenburgh Village
IdeologyPopulism, centrism

The Aspinburgh Party is the country's oldest political party and current ruling party in the government. Stephen Paffens Jr. founded the Aspinburgh Party on Augusts 23, 2009, making it Aspinburgh's first party. The party adopted a moderate, conservative and populist platform and supports a third way approach to economics, that is, a mixture of some capitalist and socialist values.

The party formed an alliance with former leader of Aspinburgh Robert Brussels in spring and summer of 2010, but grew increasing concerned with some of the far left polices of the government at that time.

In July 2010 the party broke with Robert and became a leading critic of his regime. The party was declared illegal in August 2010, but continued to operate underground.

It was the leading voice and organizer of the January 2011 protests against Robert's regime which lead to the resignation of the former leader.

Currently, the Aspinburgh Party holds two of five seats in the Union Council and its leader is the current Prime Minister.

The party has never had a party congress, but instead prefers informal gatherings where policy is made and leaders chosen.

Conservative Underground

The Conservative Underground
LeaderJeffery Swed
Zac Brussels
FoundedSeptember 1, 2009
HeadquartersNew Stockholm Village
IdeologyNationalism, social conservatism

The Conservative Underground (sometimes called the Conservative Party or Conservative Underground Party) was founded on September 1, 2009 by Jeffery Swed.

A long time proponent of right wing politics and traditional "family values", Jeff Swed has lead the party since its founding to become the only right wing party in the country and the leading voice of criticism against liberalism in Aspinburgh.

From September 2009 to February 2011 Jeff and the Conservative Underground where the leading opponents of the Robert regime and the party was declared illegal in August 2010, but continued to operate underground.

The party official supports nationalism, regional separatism (in New Stockholm) and social conservatism (traditional "family values").

Currently the party holds one of five seats in the Union Council and its leader is also the Chairman of the General Affairs Committee that oversees everything form taxes to businesses to copyright claims.

The Conservative Underground is run by Jeffery Swed, who, as leader, has complete power of the party. It has never had a party congress; the leaders set the platform and appoint officers in the party.