Elasian Court of Popular Affairs

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Elasian Court of Popular Affairs
Ελασιτικό Δικαστήριο Λαϊκών Υποθέσεων GR
Elasjetn Dikürtat Narodjetenwae Jipoairtäe WOL
Established1 March 2019
Authorized byOffice of the Commissar of Internal Affairs
Term length6 months
Head of Department of Justice of the Commissariat of Internal Affairs
CurrentlyGjörkjej Erjerov
Since1 March 2019
Term endN/A

The Elasian Court of Popular Affairs the official court in Helasia with authority over the citizens of Elasia. It mostly adjudicates on matters of civil law, or internal crimes such as embezzlement. Many of its cases are not covered by the Elasian Law, so they are judged on basis of morality and social views.


The Elasian Court of Popular Affairs consists of 3 members (called Basic Popular Judges) with a term of 6 months. The 3 Basic Popular Judges are randomly selected by the citizens catalogue.