Ministry of Foreign Relations (Efransa)

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Ministry of Foreign Relations of Efransa
Ministèrio de Relaciones Extrangé od Elfransa
Efrasachin Ministry of Foreign Relations Logo.jpeg
Logo of the Ministry of Foreign Relations
Executive Department overview
Formed19 April 2020
JurisdictionKingdom of Efransa
Annual budget0Fr
Minister responsible
  • The Viscount Chatham (acting)
Parent departmentHis Majesty’s Cabinet
Child agencies
  • Foreign Service
  • Foreign Policy Advisory Council
  • Management Office
  • Commerce Bureau
Key documents
  • Constitution of Efransa
  • Cabinet Act, 2020

The Ministry of Foreign Relations (Efrasachin: Ministèrio de Relaciones Extrangé) is an executive department within His Majesty’s Government responsible for foreign policy, diplomacy, commerce, and has jurisdiction over all other policies having effect over foreign policy. The current acting Minister of Foreign Relations is The Viscount Chatham.


The Foreign Ministry originated as the Chancellery of the Kingdom of Floeratia, and later the Kingdom of Efransa. This was succeeded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Efrasachin (Iblusigonian) Empire.

After the September Revolution, the Foreign Ministry became the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Tribarcasian Republic (Federation). This became the Federal Ministry of Foreign Relations under the Maradian Period.

During the interregnum, the place was held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Ludisirga, and later of the Union of Efransa.

The current Ministry was formed on April 19, 2020 with the Constitution. The Cabinet Act of 2020 established its functions. The Ministerial and Cabinet Code governs the structure.


The Foreign Ministry has three child agencies.

Foreign Service

The Foreign Service is the government agency responsible for diplomacy with other nations. The King serves as the ceremonial leader, the Marshal Ambassador. The Ambassador General is the regular head of the foreign Service.

There are four Ambassadors: the Ambassador for the Americas, the Ambassador for Afro-Eurasia, the Ambassador of Oceania, and the Ambassador for Intermicronational Organizations. Each Ambassador represents Efransa in all countries within their designations (or organizations in the case of the Ambassador for Intermicronational Organizations).

Consular Division

The Consular Division of the Foreign Service is responsible for relations with individual nations or organizations. The King is the Core Consul. The Grand Consul of Efransa is the highest Consul in Efransa. The Special Consul for Online Diplomacy oversees all diplomatic channels through Efransa’s discord server, and through other online services.

Foreign Policy Advisory Council

The Foreign Policy Advisory Council (FPAC) is the agency of the Ministry responsible for advising the Minister and government on foreign policy. The council consists of the Chief Advisor of Foreign Policy and the Commander of the Royal Army

Management Office

The Management Office is headed by the Senior Manager, and is responsible for various agencies responsible for foreign affairs, such as the Diplomatic Protection Service or the Administrative Agency.

Commerce Bureau

The Commerce Bureau is responsible for managing intermicronational commerce and economics. The Master of Commerce is the government official responsible for the Bureau.

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