Efrasachin Civil Guard

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Civil Guard
Guerda Civil
Efrasachin Civil Guard Emblem.png
Emblem of the Guard
Founded27 November 2018
Captain-GeneralHis Majesty the King
Prime Minister of EfransaThe Countess of Machy
Commandant of the Civil GuardVacant
Military age10
ConscriptionIn Wartime
Active personnelE0
Percent of GDP0.0%
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RanksCommandant, Officer, Guardians of the Peace

The Civil Guard of Efransa (Efrasachin: Guerda Civil od Elfransa), commonly just the Guard is the militia of the Kingdom of Efransa. The Civil Guard was founded with the Civil Guard Act of 2020, which initially established it as both a militia and a national gendarmerie, while the latter of those functions was reorganized into the Royal Gendarmerie.

The Civil Guard is mostly made up of civilians who bear arms under the Bill of Rights, while Guardians of the Peace are the core force of the Guard. The Commandant oversees all operations, while the King is the ceremonial Captain-General.

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