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Types of government specific to micronationalism

Edwardianism is a political ideology and government type created by Edward of Custosia. Edwardianism is based around these main principles...

Edwardianism can be considered a Right-wing to Far-right political ideology.


Edwardianism was founded in April, 2017. Edwardianism is one of the main ideologies of the Royalist Party of Custosia, it was created to serve that purpose. Edwardianism was created by Edward I of Custosia because he wanted to have some way to have a say and place in the democratic government. The current leader of the Royalist Party has not shown full support of the Edwardian ideology.


Edwardianism's main goal as an ideology in Custosia is to uphold national pride and belief in the preferences that Edward I has established. Those goals are extreme opposition to Left-wing politics and extreme loyalism and patronage to Edward's goals. Edwardianism was also created as a "variation" of Fascism. Technically, Edwardianism bases some of it's principals off of ideas from Fascism. However, Fascism is not entirely accepted in the Edwardian ideology.


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