Edward von Elephänburger

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Edward von Elephänburger
President of the Federation Council (acting)
Assumed office
January 16th, 2020
President Tom Turtleid
Predecessor Office established
3rd Chancellor of Lilylandia
In office
June 10th, 2017 - October 2nd 2017
Monarch Lily I
Predecessor Sir Tom Turtleton (Acting)
Successor Bailey von Hindenburg
Chief of Military General Staff
In office
January 15th, 2016 - January 20th 2017
Monarch Roxy I
Personal Information
Birth name Edward von Elephänburger
Citizenship Lilylandian, German
Political party Foxist Partei von Lilylandia
Religion Presbyterian

Edward von Elephänburger is an active conservative politician, writer, and military general of Lilylandia. He served as the chancellor of Lilylandia after the resignation of Tom Turtleton and quick early morning election of June 10, 2017.

Early Life and personal life

Edward was born into a rich german family that lived in Munich, Germany. He then immigrated to the US and disappeared for a few years. Then he popped back up when he immigrated to Lilylandia. He then married Elepet Sorren and had 2 kids. He was serving at this time as a General in the Royal Lilylandian Armed Forces.

Military career

He served as the commanding general of Tom Turtleton during the wars they fought in. They also served in the Secret Police together when they arrested Ayden. They both went to Ayden Speiter Military Academy which has been renamed to Elephänburger Military Institute due to a incident

Secret police

Edward served as a Guildleader of the Lilylandian Secret Polizei. He carried out many missions. He also was present and ordered the arrest of Ayden Speiter leader of the People's Socialist Unity Party. The Foxist Front deployed right in front of Moose Street, the Chancellor's Residence. As the front came through the front the Secret Police came storming into the office. Ayden was arrested by Tom and Edward. He later faced trial and was found guilty of treason. He was then banished.


On the morning of June 6, 2017, Tom Turtleton resigned due to health issues and an election quickly took place. The 610 Election is the nickname to the morning of 6/10/17's election. It was very quick as the public did not really have to vote. The Royal Family voted because that is what it said in the constitution of 2013. He was sworn in by noon.

Recently Ayden Speiter and Redk Chon have created the People's Democratic Republic of Lilylandia. The PDRL has made major threats to Lilylandia. Because of Tom's resignation, the communists have made advancements from the north to the south. Sparking a revolution which Edward has to deal with. This has lead to the June Revolution.