Edward Adjei-Prempeh

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Edward Adjei-Prempeh
Adjei-Prempeh on May 8, 2015, posing for his official picture on being elected as vice president
Administrator of Twiland
Assumed office
4 May 2016
Emperor Patrick I
Prime Minister Ned Greiner
Deputy Prime Minister Stephen Freayth
Predecessor Office established
Vice President of the Democratic Socialist Federation of Nedlandic Republics
In office
8 May 2015-18 August 2015
President Ned Greiner
Secretary of State Carlo Pizzano
Minister of the Council of Nedlandic Elders Stas Radziwill
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Personal information
Born 18 October 2000 (2000-10-18) (age 18)
Tema, Ghana
Birth name Edward Adjei-Prempeh Jr.
Citizenship Nedland
Nationality Ghanaian
Ethnicity Ashanti
Political party Labour Party of Nedland
Religion Catholic

Edward Adjei-Prempeh Jr. (born 18 October 2000) is a Ghanaian-Nedlandic politician. He is currently the administrator of the Twiland dependency, and is the former vice president of DSFR Nedland. He currently serves as the Minister of Hats as of December 14.


Adjei-Prempeh was born in Tema, Ghana, on October 18, 2000. At the age of three months, he immigrated with his family to the United States because of job opportunities that were not present in Ghana at the time. He is a Ghanaian citizen, and has a green card.

He is known for being very odd and prancing around. Some asked president Ned Greiner why he appointed Adjei-Prempeh as president, and Greiner merely stated that Adjei-Prempeh would be a good vice president and that they had nothing to worry about.