Edenic Centralisation Act

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Edenic Centralisation Act
Presidium of the Empyrean of the Moon
Declaration of the President on Edenic Centralisation
Territorial extentEmpyrean of the Moon
Enacted byPresident Horatio Eden
Date enacted15 August 2022
Date effective15 August 2022
Related legislation
Arura Novale Settlement Act
Commenced the War of Edenic Centralisation
Status: In force

The Edenic Centralisation Act is a declaration of the President of the Empyrean of the Moon. It was introduced for the purpose of starting the legal fiction known as the War of Edenic Centralisation and subjugating four nation states that had been created by President Horatio Eden but which had become inactive into the jurisdiction of the Empyrean of the Moon.


Executive summary

The executive summary sets out the justification for the conflict, citing that the continued legal existence of the inactive nations created by Horatio Eden represented a "legal mess that we do not consider satisfactory".[1] It further directs that the Empyrean government divert its resources for the purpose of conquering the nations and bringing them into the jurisdiction of the Empyrean.

Article I

Article I sets out the extent of the bill's legal force - the entire nation - the bill's short name - the Edenic Centralisation Act - and the date it comes into force - immediately upon signature.

Article II

Article II formally issues a declaration of war against the following states:

It also demands that the state's issue instruments of unconditional surrender to the Empyrean government with the effect of dissolving their nations and accepting the jurisdiction of the Empyrean.

Legal complications

It is not legally clear that the Grand Protector of Arura Novale had the right to sign an instrument of surrender on Arura Novale's behalf, given the nation's ostensible continued membership of the Desi Empire.

On 18 August 2022, President Eden requested an advisory opinion from the Supreme Court of the Grand Unified Micronational to ascertain whether, as a matter of international law, the Desi Empire continued to exist and consequently whether Arura Novale could sign the surrender agreement.


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