Eason Chiu

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Yu-Shun Chiu
Eason Chiu.png

2nd Provisional Führer of the Republic of Tairan
Assumed office 
26 September 2018
Preceded by Yu-Shun Chiu

1st Provisional Führer of the Republic of Tairan
In office
26 September 2014 – 26 September 2018
Preceded by Office established
Succeeded by Yu-Shun Chiu

King of the Kingdom of Tairan
In office
26 September 2013 – 26 September 2014
Preceded by Office established
Succeeded by Office abolished

Chairman of the Youth Party
Assumed office 
16 September 2019

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Assumed office 
6 April 2019
Preceded by Office established

Governor of Bade
Assumed office 
30 August 2015
Preceded by Office established

Commander of the Taireiches Heer
Assumed office 
15 August 2017
Preceded by Office established

Born (2004-06-10)June 10, 2004
Zhongli City, Taoyuan County,Taiwan Province,Republic of China

Eason Chiu is the President of the Republic of Tairan.

Non-micronational life

Eason Chiu was born in Taoyuan,Taiwan.He is a student in Tsz Shiou Senior High School.He likes to listen to march music and military song in his free time,and likes to draw Polandball comics.He also likes ACG.He also likes to design flags,and collect coins and banknotes from around the world.He wishes to become a creator in the future.

Micronational career

He started his micronational career when he was elementary school.When he was in fifth grade,hie built up the Kingdom of Tairan.After a year,the kingdom become a republic, and start to keep in touch with other micronationa nations when he was in high school.He won many battles and is the Generalissimo of Tairan.

Awards & Decorations

  • Taireich.png Order of the independence of Tairan
  • TairanEisernes Kreuz.png Tairanese Iron Cross
  • Heer.png Order of the Leader of Army
  • Kriegsmarine.png Order of the Leader of Navy
  • Luftwaffe.png Order of the Leader of Air Force
  • TairanEhrenkreuz des Weltkrieges.png ‎Order of the cross of Great Unification War
  • Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung.png Order of Serve for over 5 years
  • TairanAnschluss.png Unification of Austria
  • Westpolen.png Unification of West Poland
  • TaireichBeneluxstaaten.png Unification of Low Countries
  • Frankreich.png Unification of Northern France
  • Memel.png Unification of Memel
  • Sudetenland.png Unification of Sudetenland
  • TairanDänemark.png Unification of Danmark
  • Ostpreussen.png Unification of East Prussia