Earl Finn of Hawarden

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Earl Finn of Hawarden
No Photo available
First Lord of the Treasury
Assumed Position
July 2018
Predecessor Position Created
Successor Currently holds office
Monarch King Terry
Personal information
Born 14 January
Maldon, United Kingdom
Citizenship Essexian
Nationality British
Residence Danbury, Essexia
Occupation First Lord of the Treasury

Rt. Hon. Earl Finn is an Earl in the Commonwealth of Essexia, and is First Lord of the Treasury of the Royal Bank of Essexia. Earl Finn is Earl of Hawarden which consists of 11 acres of land within the village of Danbury, making him the largest landowner in the Commonwealth.

He was hired as First Lord of the Treasury for the RBE in July 2018, by King Terry.

In July of 2018 he founded the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia a centre-left social democratic party aiming to make Essexia a better place for the many and not the few, he was also appointed Senator for the Chelmer constituency in the Royal Essexian Senate. An interest has also been expressed in colonising Antarctica in the name of Essexia. On September 19th 2018, he became the leader of the Commonwealth of Essexia after the Treaty of Chelmsford established the LibSocs as the ruling party.


The Earl Hawarden designed the public Essexian Yen banknotes, helped create the RBE, and provides assistance to King Terry and Princess Jack.

The Earl designed the coat of arms of Essexia as well as the coat of arms for King Terry.

The Earl Hawarden is the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Essexia.


Earl Finn is well versed in worldwide history, politics, and general knowledge, and has a particular interest in the former African country of Rhodesia and the American state of Michigan. He is respected as a very British citizen, and a proper lad.