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Être Groupe Voiture S.O.E
State-owned enterprise
(Government owned company)
Founded7 November 2019
HeadquartersSainte George (Head office),
Area served
Key people
Aidan McGrath (Chairman)
Number of employees
4 (2019)

Être Groupe Voiture S.O.E, often abbreviated as EGV, is a Sacréeian Automotive company owned by the Government of the Sacrée Republic.


EGV, was originally created by the Quebecois government as a weapons manufacturer for the Sacréeian Armed Forces and a chemical maker which the company still specializes in a division.

On 7 November 2019, the unammed company officially became 'Être Groupe", then later in the day it would be finalized and changed to "Être Groupe Voiture".

Car badge of Astral Voiture, 2019.

Military cooperations

With recent help from the Sacrée Republic, Être Groupe has since created a exoskeleton wire frame for soldiers. It is currently being used by the People's Federation of Quebec, however the Être Groupe has given the license to the People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills for them to produce the exoskeleton for their own.

Product line

Current brands

  • Astral: Luxury high performance vehicles