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Type Broadcaster
Country Technological Federation of Erephisia
Availability Worldwide
Owner Billy Neil
Key people Billy Neil, Contributor
Established September 2008 (as 'themastergamer1000')
Motto Listen to Me
Former names themastergamer1000
Television ECRAB Music

ECRAB is the Technological Federation of Erephisia's central radio/broadcasting company. Its content currently comprises of more than 600 videos, all songs, on Erephisian President Billy Neil's Youtube page (under the name of 'themastergamer1000'.)


ECRAB was created (then as just a YouTube page) in September 2008, however it wasn't until September 2010 that Billy Neil started adding videos to his channel. ECRAB videos are all nearly identical in structure, with a high-quality song and an unchanging picture which is usually the song's album or original single cover.

It was only when Neil added a total of 30 videos that he declared his YouTube channel to be the centre of Erephisian broadcasting. Neil intends to add more videos soon, including some Erephisian news broadcasts.

Format and Channels

The purpose of ECRAB is stated on the channel to "get original, high quality, quick loading versions of songs (that I like) with their original album/single covers on YouTube". The format of each video is as follows: each ECRAB Music video simply starts with the Album Cover displayed while the music starts playing. The album cover is then continually displayed, without changing, for the duration of the video. The video is then titled, beginning with the artist name, song name, album name and finally the year said song was released. The accuracy of the information displayed in the song title is often disputed by viewers, due to no official policy being put in place as to the original appearance of the song on any recordings, usually going, instead, for the version of the song that is most popularly known. ECRAB, for a while, also avoided uploading extensive remixes of songs and single b-sides, however the uploading of these has recently began to show prominence.

The description of the videos was also, usually, the sing name, artist, album and year of release, coupled with a statement regarding ownership of the songs rights. In recent months this description has been omitted from most of the videos uploaded.

ECRAB POV videos begin with a title screen showing information regarding the POV about to be shown, then fading into the video. At the end of the video, a screen with the ECRAB POV logo and the date of creation is shown. ECRAB POV videos are without description.

ECRAB Gov videos are audio addresses, and in one case a video address, starring Billy Neil and, occasionally as a special guest Thomas Bainbridge and Ryan Thomson, talking about affairs in the Seaways micronations and the Micronational world. The format of these has varied slightly: The first video showed only a static picture of Erephisian national flag for the duration of the video until the end, at which the Erephisian National anthem, Villa Volta, was played. This use of the national anthem has not been repeated on any other ECRAB Gov video. The second video included, again, a picture of the Erephisian national flag with Neil's voice playing. The third address again included a picture of the Erephisian national flag, but this time mixed with a picture of the Longarnian national flag (this being due to Thomas Bainbridge's appearance in the video). This address, due to length constraints, had to be stretched over 2 videos. The Fourth address was besought with a technical problem in which, for the first 2–3 minutes, the sound dropped out. When the sound returned, Neil, in the video, addressed and apologized for this issue. This video also marked the first video in which a picture of those starring in it where included (Neil and Bainbridge, sat side by side). The Fifth address began with the newly devised Erephisian Materials Office content symbols, fading into each other until a picture of Neil was shown on the screen and the recorded address began playing. The Sixth address (and first Video address) began in roughly the same style as the ECRAB POV videos: with a title screen showing the content, fading into the video, and, at the end of the video, the ECRAB Gov logo and video creation date shown. The address was sought with technical problems including accidentally quietened sound and portions of the broadcast missing altogether. since then, not a single new address has been uploaded.


ECRAB has a number of currently active (and planned) channels on YouTube and other sites with which is broadcasts it's content:


ECRAB Music is ECRAB's biggest, and first, channel. The channel is based on YouTube, and contains over 600 music videos from different artists. While ECRAB Music is stated by contributors to be "all-inclusive", ECRAB focuses mainly on Electronic and Rock music, occasionally allowing other genres such as Hip-Hop and Classical music to be uploaded. ECRAB prefers not to allow genres such as Heavy Metal, Country and Rap into its content, but allowances have, and will, be made.


ECRAB POV is ECRAB's smallest channel, with only 2 videos. Based on YouTube, ECRAB POV is the home of point-of-view (hence the name) video's from various theme park rides.


ECRAB Gov is the Erephisian government's official channel featuring addresses from various government members in Erephisia, Longarnia and Von Stengel. The channel currently has 7 videos.

Future Projects

As well as it's large compliment of music, ECRAB intends to create sub channels which will hold such topics as comedy, engineering and theme park ride POV's. An Adult channel has also been planned.

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