Dyffryn y Ddraig

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Dyffryn y Ddraig

The blood of an Elf is almost as tasty as our wine
Capital citynevernarnia
Largest citynevernarnia
Official language(s)English, Welsh and BL
Official religion(s)Church of England
Governmentthe Dark lords
- High King of Dyffryn y DdraigEmrys ap Gryddain
Established10th day of midyeare 2013 2nd era or 10/06/2013/02
Area claimed10M²
Population200 Estamated
CurrencyElf body parts
Time zone(UTC)
National sportKilling elves
National dishSushi

Dyffryn y Ddraig was a micronation . It was formed after the battle of Draig valley, it was ruled by Emrys Orclord.