Duskian Cryptology & Cipher Department

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Duskian Cryptology & Cipher Department
National security orgnaization
Current Logo

Headquarters House of Essen

Official language English, Old Duskian

Branch Duskian Army

Acting General Jacqueline Montanez

Executive order for creation March 22nd, 2021

The Department of Cryptology & Cipher

The Duskian Cryptology & Cipher Department is a national security organization with the intent of encrypting electronic messages sent by the national government for international or internal intent. The department was created on March 22nd, 2021 via executive order by acting general Jacqueline Montanez. Growing concerns over telecommunicational security between governmental officials of The Sun Republic, as well as communication with collaborating dependent states, led to the creation of the Cryptology department. Due to its relatively classified and secret nature, the department has yet to release official statements about its intent and interaction with other national departments.


The symbol for the DC&CD is a runic Sigel "of the sun". Chosen for its simplicity and relatively powerful-looking design, the rune will signify all official documentation and equipment the DC&CD creates/uses. Another proposed symbol for the DC&CD was a black lightning bolt. The Sigel was also chosen because of its relation to the sun; which fits nicely for The Sun Republic.

Means of communication

It has been theorized that the DC&CD will be utilizing secure internal networks to send encoded morse code signals between two stationary terminal data equipment. The evidence of this is The Sun Republic's Inter Data-Terminal Encoding Tests of 2019, which proved that such a method could work, provided that the encoding technology is exterior of the terminal. The first of such messages readout of lines consisting of 4 letters, each with space in between them, and was read left to right and down the page. The data was then converted to morse code and the encryption combination was included in the first 4 and last 4 letters of the message, similar to the Enigma machine.

Controversy with the Army

Since its inception, the DC&CD was known to desire autonomous performance from the army. The Duskian Army still holds absolute control over the department, as the department is considered part of the Electronic Protection Company. Although its Acting General is in control of the department, the department's general operation is under control of the Duskian Army. Only through direct orders by the Acting General is the department allowed to function as a separate body for a temporary amount of time before returning to the Army's control. Members within the DC&CD have shown disapproval of this form of collaboration, yet both Presidents of The Sun Republic have shown support for these means of control, as it maintains the secrecy of the department.