Duffy (Lilylandia)

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President of Germania
Assumed office
September 13th 2018
Predecessor Office Established
7th Chancellor von Lilylandia
In office
August 25th 2018 - September 13th 2018
Monarch Maximilian I
Predecessor Madame Blackberry
Personal Information
Birth name Duffy the Disney Bear
Citizenship Lilylandian, American, Japanese
Political party Democratic Party
Religion Church von Liliedeutschland

Duffy is a Spirit Bear born in 2010. He first made home in Walt Disney World and was sold in the Disney flagship store in Downtown Disney. He lived in the store for a good while waiting to be brought to his new home. He waited from 2010-2013. Eventually the Kasier, Maximilian I, brought him home with him when the Kaiser was just in 3rd grade. A few months later, Lilylandia would be born.

World of Disney, Duffy's Home back in 2010

He currently serves as the President of Germania.

Political career

On January 21, 2015, Duffy announced he would be running for Parliament on the Democratic ticket. He had hesitated for a while about becoming a member of the Parliament but finally decided to do so. Later in November he won.

He served as a member of the parliament up until 2018 when he took the Office of Chancellor once Madame Blackberry resigned.

"The Fight against Milianism"

Duffy lead Lilylandia against Milianism in late summer of 2018.