Dudes for Free Market Anarchy

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Dudes for Free Market Anarchy known also with its acronym DFMA is a small organization of seven teenage guys founded apon The Mack Republic’s founding. The organization wants to help free the people from oppressive totalitarian socialism and give true equal opportunity, room for success, and true free market competition, without government creating forced hierarchies and taking rights and money from the people. The group states that capitalism Is not the cause of poverty, but socialist government keeping the poor stuck in housing so they can’t succeed and provide for themselves. The group also states that corrupt corporations that neglect their workers can only exist when the government supports and pays off these businesses so that they don’t have to compete. The organization states that the government also protects their paid off-subsidized corporations by bribing lawyers who are defending employees.

The group says that government regulations are hypocritical and are unnecessary in a truly free market society. People will use the free market to hold businesses to a high standard, and can take these businesses to uncorrupt private courts who are also held to a high standard due to competition.

The group also states that the rich will have to take money out of their own pockets to better their businesses for competition, without government funding.

Reasons for formation

The Mack Republic is an Anarcho-Capitalist micrononstate with a voluntary constitution, in the city of Santa Barbara California. The Founder, Elijah, is close friends with some and possibly all the Ancap/Libertarian teenagers in Santa Barbara. He Formed he organization to spread the word about the MR and popularize and defend Ancapism and Libertarianism.


The group has so far started a pamphlet about Anarcho-Capitalism. They also played a part in the privatization of city lands in the MR.