Duchy of San Jacinto

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Duchy of San Jacinto
[[Empire of Los Angeles|]] [[File:200px-USA Flag Pre-War.png|30px|link=Empire of Los Angeles|alt=]]
2021 — present

San Jacinto Valley, CA
Capital citySan Jacinto
Official language(s)English (de facto)
Short nameSan Jacinto
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- DukeRonnie I
LegislatureCouncil of Government
- Type - Advisory/Legislature
- Number of seats - 7
Established30 April 2021
CurrencyUS Dollar

The Duchy of San Jacinto can trace its history back to the foundation of the Kingdom of Rosettia by Duke Ronnie I (then Ruling King), Ruling Queen Brielmier, and Prince Anthony.


Following the successful coup by the Peacekeepers, led by the President of the Committee of Sectors, of the Empire of Los Angeles on December 10, 2014. An emergency session of the Imperial Congress was called by the President of the Committee of Sectors and formally voted to approve IC-0092. Following the signing of IC-0092 on the 14th of December the Empire of Los Angeles was formally dissolved the following day.

Nearly seven years passed following the signing of the IC-0092 and the dissolution of the Empire and on the tenth anniversary of the independence of the Kingdom, King Ronnie I declared the independence of the Duchy of San Jacinto as a successor state of the Empire of Los Angles and thus the Kingdom of Rosettia. On the 7th August 2021 the Charter of San Jacinto was officially signed by Duke Ronnie thus becoming the first constitution of the duchy..

Foreign Relation

Currently the Duchy has not established foreign relations.


The Government of the the Duchy is that of an absolute monarchy led by a duke and by the Council of Government.