Duchy of Prussian Britannia

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Duchy of Prussian Britannia
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Glory March
Capital cityRobsberg
Official language(s)English, German
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- DukeChristian I
LegislatureProvincial Parliament
- Type - Unicameralism
- Number of seats - 2
- Last election - 2014
Established23 September 2014 (as Prussian-Britannia)
19 January 2017 (as Preußenland)
Area claimed0.38 km2
Population1 (as of 2017 census)
CurrencyPound Sterling (GBP) & German Marks (DM)
Time zone( USZ1 (UTC+03:00)
National animalEagle

The Duchy of Prussian Britannia (Duke Britannia) proclaimed its independence on 23 September 2014, and is located in the north west of England, it is run by HRH Duke Rob as head of state and head of HRH government (HRH Duke Rob is the leader of the only party). The area that has been claimed by the Duchy Prussian Britannia is 0.38 km2

Prussian Britannia has since unified with the Grand Duchy of Letzembourg