Duchy of Abreum-Regusium

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Duchy of Abreum-Regusium
Flag of Abreum-Regusium.pngCOA of Abreum-Regusium.png

History Defines Us
Canada, Denmark
Official language(s)English, French
Official religion(s)No official religion
Short nameAbreum
- DuchessMaeve
Established25 August 2021
Area claimed31 km2
CurrencyLygonian Yen
Time zoneUTC -4

The Duchy of Abreum-Regusium is the only overseas Landsting of the Confederation of the Northern Coast, it has no settled population. The Landsting was established on Sable Island, Nova Scotia on the 25th of August 2021.


The duchy is named after regions for the defunct, Imperium Germania and Confederation of Caloudonoum, which both have their history and legacy within the United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum and present day, Misberia.


Early History

The expedition of Portuguese explorer João Álvares Fagundes explored this region in 1520–1521 and they were among the first Europeans to encounter the island. It is likely that he named the island "Fagunda" after himself. An island called Fagunda appears on later Portuguese maps placed to the southeast of Cape Breton, fairly near its present location; however, the identification of Sable Island with Fagunda is not certain. On the other hand, 16th-century Portuguese sources describe a fishing colony founded by the navigator in Cape Breton Island, further north. It is also possible that Fagundes sighted the island while heading southwest, reaching the Bay of Fundy, as the 1558 map of Diogo Homem and later Samuel de Champlain suggested, but this is unclear. The island was inhabited sporadically by sealers, shipwreck survivors, and salvagers known as "wreckers." Troilus de La Roche de Mesgouez attempted to colonize the new world with convicts in 1598. When the convicts mutinied, they were left on the tree-less and stone-less Sable Island. Most of the settlers died, but a few managed to survive in mud dwellings for 5 years before being returned to France in 1603.

Canadian History

On October 17, 2011, the Nova Scotia government entered into an agreement with the federal government to eventually protect the Island as a national park. The news followed an announcement made by the federal government in May 2010, increasing the level of protection the island receives by transferring control from the Canadian Coast Guard to Parks Canada, which manages the island under the National Parks Act. Sable Island became a National Park Reserve on June 20, 2013 with approval of Mi'kmaq stakeholders. Full national park status has yet to be achieved, pending settlement of native land claims. The park is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna including a breed of the unique Sable Island horse. The park is also a breeding ground for marine life. In July 2016, a hike across Sable Island was added to Google Streetview. Google worked with Parks Canada to add the interactive views of Sable and five other Canadian National Parks. The imagery was collected in September 2015 by a Parks Canada employee who carried a backpack version of the Street View car camera around an area on the centre of the island, part of Google's Trekker program which explores off-road scenic locations. The route follows a hiking route that Parks Canada staff uses to escort adventure tourists who visit the island.

Misberian History

The canton was announced on the 25th of August 2021, with the announcement of the Principality of Misberia. Following a month with no one being offered the position of duke/duchess of the duchy, the Sakom of Misberia took the position himself. Following the formation of the Northern Commonwealth of Misberia, Archie stepped down from the position and gave it to Louis, making her the first duchess of the duchy. Following the duchy becoming its own Landsting of the Confederation of the Northern Coast, the region gained eight non settled citizens with Louis stepping down with Maeve taking charge.


The Duchy of Abreum-Regusium is one of the three landstings of the Confederation of the Northern Coast. Following the establishment of the principality, the duchy was created on 25 August 2021, the administration of the duchy has been carried out by the absolute monarch who is titled as the Duke/Duchess of Abreum-Regusium. The Duke/Duchess discharges the functions of both the head of state and government of the cantonal administration.

Heads of State of Abreum-Regusium

The duke/duchess serves as the representative to the Northern Coast's President and the region as a whole.

No. Portrait Name Term of office Appointer


1 Archie Birch 26 September 2021 1 November 2021 Archie Birch
2 Louis 1 November 2021 13 November 2021
3 Maeve 13 November 2021 Present