Drew I, Emperor of Solid Gold

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Emperor Drew I is the absolute ruler of the Empire of Solid Gold and has been descriped as an imposing figure. According to leftist propaganda, he "sits like a spider in the middle of his web", something the Emperor claims "is not so far from the truth". The Emperor encourages courtiers to inform and lie about one another in order to obtain the monarch's favour, this being rewarded with gifts and promotions. This method keeps the Emperor on top of the Nobility and ensures his regime's survival. Seen by many republicans as a "deceitful megalomaniac," Emperor Drew does seem to have a fetish for military might and totalitarian control. Completely certain of his self-proclaimed divinity, The Emperor is the head of The Empirean Church and is seen as a minor deity among the many Shinto and Lamaist Gods by the people.

Early life

Emperor Drew l was born as Drew Burgess in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. From an early age he was seen as an artistic child who fancied himself as a leader. As a child he tirelessly played war games with his friends and, by his own account, became fixated on "the Glory of Secession" by looking at a book bought from the local library on The American Civil War.

Later life

After gaining access to the internet, The Emperor learned about other Micronations. This in mind he decided that he would secceed from the United Kingdom. On vacation in the USA, he planted the first seed of a nation by claiming Origin Isle.

Ascension To The Throne

After his voyage of discovery in the USA, the then Crown Prince returned to Scotland. Where he set about claiming a portion of the family property in Glenisla. The only area available was a small dingy storage shed in behind the family cottage, that he had used as a hideout as a young boy. The Crown Prince, however, saw the potential for a new civilization in the area and officially claimed the shed and an area of land surrounding it as The Empire's Scottish Realm and Capital City. He was crowned in the family cottage on 23 July 2010, and sat on the newly fashioned Black Throne for the first time.

Accomplishments As Emperor

The New Emperor had a hard task ahead of him on 23 July. After forming a Church almost from scratch, along with a Nobility and political elite, he set about collecting like-minded people to form the Imperial Government and Army Command. Also building the Capital City, Planktopolis from the ground up. The Emperor has formed a spartan and well ordered society from nothing. This is at least one of the claims that he has to prove his divinity.