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|alt_coat = Coat of arms |symbol_type = Coat of arms |national_motto = |englishmotto = "Just sweep it under the rug it’s probably fine" |national_anthem = God Save The King |image_map =DD1295B3-647E-4FFB-A3E7-508D5762FCE9.jpg|11px|thumb|left]] |map_width = 250 |loctext =Riverdale, UT, United States |map_caption = Territories |image_map2 = |alt_map2 = |map_caption2 = |capital = The Citadel |coordinates = |largest_city = |largest_settlement_type = |largest_settlement = Shady Sands |official_languages = English |national_languages = English |regional_languages =

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The Republic of steel, more commonly known as The Nation of Steel , is a micronationin The Nation Of Steel was founded on September 4th 2019 and our Declaration of Independence was signed on September 8 2019.

The Government of the Nation Of Steel is lead by a monarchy

The Nation Of Steel is neutral, and no guns for visitors

The Nation Of Steel name came from the brotherhood of steel


The Nation of Steel was founded on September 4 2019 The Declaration of Independence was signed on September 8 2019]

Politics and government

The Nation Of Steel Government is capitalist

Law and order

The Nation Of Steel has laws and police

Foreign relations



The Nation Of Steel's military uses AK-47’s and machine guns, and we have never been in any conflicts.

Geography and climate

Dry and flat


Imports and exports

Culture and media

The press