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Constitutional Participatory Democracy of Indonia
Flag of Example
Coat of arms of Example
Coat of arms
Motto: "Iustitia, Libertas et Prosperitas"
"Justice, Liberty, and Prosperity"
Anthem: Our flag of unity waves high
Territories of Indonia
Territories of Indonia
LocationAlpharetta, United States
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Participatory Democracy
• Executive
• Representatives
• Independence
18 May 2022
very high
Time zoneUTC-5:30 (INT)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright

The Constitutional Participatory Democracy of Indonia, more commonly known as Indonia, is a micronation in the US State of Georgia. It declared independence from the United States on May 18, 2022.


(or, where appropriate, Name)

the name Indonia was first proposed by Yunus, one of the five original founders of the nation.


The land was first settled by the first Three founders, Ritvik, Kingston, and Jack. Originally they would sit under a small oak tree and grind rocks into powder. The people of the flower forest accused them of stealing rocks and a war began. This was known as the first founding war. This was a victory for the people of Indonia. The tree is now known as the founding tree which is still standing to this day.

The people of Indonia began advancements into agriculture and construction, by this time Arav and Yunus had became members of the commune. A disagreement in materials resulted in the second founding war. The result of this war was the overthrowing of Ritvik and the establishment of a government where everybody had equal power. Skirmishes between the commune and the people of the flower forest continued for many months. The commune agreed with the name Indonia which is still used to this day.

Politics and government

The government of Indonia consists of three representatives and one minister. The minister acts as the head of the country and handles many international affairs' whereas the representatives are responsible for internal affairs and legislation.

Law and order

A law enforcement system has been created but has never been practiced

Foreign relations

Indonia has no diplomatic ties with any recognized or unrecognized nation.


Due to its small population, the people of Indonia are required to fight for their country. Indonias military primarily comprises of primitave sharp sticks and rocks and generally will resort to gorilla warfare tactics when outnumbered.

Geography and climate

Acksoforest from Hillbilly Hilltop

in Indonia, the summers are hot and muggy and the winters are short, cold, and wet. Average annual snowfall is 2.5 inches. The terrain is comprised of small hills and dense half hardwood forest.


The US dollar is the generally accepted currency in Indonia however it is not commonly used as trade due to being a barter economy.

Culture and media

Indonia is very culturally diverse comprising primarily of Indians, Turks, and Caucasians. Islam, Hinduism, and atheism are the most common religions.

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