Douala Subcultural Republic

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Douala Subcultural Republic (SCR)
  SCR of the Flag of Nedland - 3.png Democratic Socialist Federation of Nedlandic Republics  
Anthem: All Hail the Glorious Nedland
Dependency Flag of Nedlandic Cameroonian Territory.png Nedlandic Cameroonian Territory
Incorporated 9 May 2015
Founder Ned Gunderson
Capital (No name yet)
 - Important Persons from the Douala SCR Commander Perry Tita,Armed Forces of Nedland
Population (As of 11 May 2015)
 - Total 3 (non-permanent)
Demonym Doualan, Doualain/Doualaine, Nedlander
Time zone Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Douala Subcultural Republic (SCR) is a non-autonomous republic of Nedland based in Douala, Cameroon and is the republic which covers the Nedlandic Cameroonian Territory. It has a non-permanent population of 3, and has no capital.

Commander Perry Tita of the Armed Forces of Nedland holds dual citizenship between Cameroon and the United States, and when he became a citizen of Nedland, his family's home in Douala was officially incorporated and established as the Nedlandic Cameroonian Territory. As all of Nedland's dependencies are covered by at least one subcultural republic, the Douala SCR was founded to cover the Territory. Tita was appointed as its manager.