Dominus Vilicus

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Dominus Vilicus
Minister of Infrastructure of Promatia
24 July 2016
Personal information
Born 19 August 2000 (2000-08-19) (age 20)
Citizenship Australia, Promatia
Nationality Australia
Ethnicity Albanian
Domestic partner Lani
Residence Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Occupation Programmer
Profession Programmer
Nickname(s) Dominus Vilicus

Dominus Vilicus (born 2000), is an Albanian micronationalist who is the former creator of Arkovia and current politician of Promatia. Dominus is considered a controversial figure in the MicroWiki community. He is the founder of now defunct Project Nations and moderator of Project Societies. He is also the Minister of Infrastructure of Promatia

Micronational career

Early micronational career

Project Nations and Project Societies

Project Nations

Dominus founded Project Nations, one of the largest micronational discord servers before it was shut down. Members of Project Nations were known to sockpuppeting on MicroWiki@Discord.

Project Societies

Dominus founded Project Societies.


Dominus is considered a controversial figure in the overall micronational community, especially on MicroWiki and Reddit. Dominus is known for sockpuppeting on MicroWiki@Discord.

Also sometime in February, Dominus gained heavy controversy after reports came out he was forcing micronations to merge with Arkovia. There was little proof, however, and "merging" became a meme on MicroWiki@Discord.

On April 2019, Dominus received minor controversy from the MicroWiki community after he admitted to doing LSD.

On 15 August 2019, the Crown of Hrafnarfjall reported that he had received several documents from an Intelligence source in regards to Arkovia.[1] The leaked documents were Operation Kill-Bird[2] and Operation Revision[3], both heavily classified. The Crown of Hrafnarfjall claimed this to be "...evidence of Arkovia’s paranoia, arrogance and aggressive expansionism." They also claimed they would be releasing more documents over the next few weeks. Timothy Schoonover, a member of the Arkovian Genesis Council, responded by claiming that the Operation Revision document is fake.[4] The leaked documents also caused widespread concern across the micronations subreddit, where the majority of the hot feed were micronations stating their condemnation of Arkovia.[5] Since then he has set up Promatia, although Promatia "left micronationalism" in December 2019, to persue "more serious" goals. He has been a vocal opponent of the alleged Reddit Nation dictatorship.