New Santiago Special Administrative Region

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New Santiago Special Administrative Region

Peachtree City, Georgia, United States
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
DemonymNew Santiaguian
GovernmentUnitary viceroyal monarchy with elements of democracy
- Chief ExecutiveApril Sinclair
EstablishedOctober 8th, 2019
Area claimed0.61 acres
Population2 residents
2 noncitizen residents
CurrencyUS Dollar (de facto)
Time zoneEastern
National animalUnicorn

New Santiago is a special administrative region in Navārdia, a province of the Phoklandian Free State. It is based in the deciduous forest region of North America, and is completely surrounded by the territory of the United States of America. New Santiago is made up of a piece of land just south of Orbly, and is the most populous area in Navārdia including noncitizens.

New Santiago is ruled by the pseudonymous House of Sinclair. Its older incarnation, Unicornia, was run as a diarchy with heavy involvement from both of the Sinclair sisters, but May abdicated the throne in pursuit of other interests. Political shifts in this time led the fledgling nation to become a dominion under Phoklandian rule.


On October 8th of 2019, Grand Duke Casper of Navārdia went to visit the Sinclairs. During their meetup, April said she thought it would be fun to be a queen and run a country. Casper said that she could start a micronation, and showed her the Navārdian website to provide inspiration. April, and even her sister May, were interested in the idea, and soon decided to start a micronation. Over the course of the day, they decided on a government form and a name - an absolute diarchy called Unicornia.

Casper was uninformed about Unicornia, but nonetheless heard the name come up a lot in the following weeks. Casper and CIS1, being the entirety of government at the time, tried to find any information about Unicornia online, but failed. Despite this, they both wanted to pursue relations and potentially found the Atlanta Sectorial Union. On October 29th, the Sinclairs met with Casper again, and he was finally told exactly what Unicornia was. By the end of their meetup, an oath was made - the nations would establish mutual recognition, and Navārdia would defend its younger neighbor.

State visits became a commonality over the next few months. With the exception of some minor pauses (i.e. Casper caught strep throat and was stuck in bed for a while), this trend continued into 2020. Major political changes came for Navārdia, now a constituent of Phokland, as well as Unicornia. Diarch May grew tired of her role and abdicated the throne, forcing the nation to reorganize as a principality.

Unicornia’s first flag, used as a placeholder for the large majority of its month-long run.

On the January 7th state visit, a flag was finally chosen for Unicornia. One made by Obscurium’s flag man, Zar Antonov, was selected but only for a time. A few minutes later, Princess April had made her own design, replacing the Antonov banner. Casper digitized it after the meeting.

On January 12th, Casper von Navārdia annexed Unicornia as a Phoklandian overseas dominion, and renamed to New Santiago (a name discussed with the then-princess at a state visit) to sound more professional. April Sinclair’s title of Princess was replaced with that of Governor, but besides those minor changes, the now-dominion’s internal politics remained unchanged.

On March 1st, New Santiago became a special administrative region and the title of Governor was replaced with that of Chief Executive. Not long after this change was made, April caught a fever and, due to the coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic, was suspected to have caught COVID-19. Though it was later found to be a false alarm, New Santiago was put on emergency lockdown to minimize possible spread of disease.

Politics & Government

New Santiago is, not unlike its predecessors, a near-absolute monarchy with elements of democracy. While the government of Phokland handles all country-level duties, the Chief Executive retains primary control of the territorial government. According to acting Chief Executive April Sinclair, all citizens of the dominion are encouraged to use their talents and ideas for the betterment of New Santiago.

Since the territory isn’t represented in Phoklandian parliament, the New Santiaguian government maintains communication with the Colonial Ministry, a part of the central government in charge of creating legislation for the benefit of unrepresented territories. Due to the territory’s relatively isolated status, the locally-operating Foreign Ministry often steps in as a middleman for communication.


New Santiago is defended by the Phoklandian Security Forces, just like the rest of Phokland.


New Santiago claims a 0.59 acre lot surrounded by Peachtree City, Georgia. Its geography and climate rarely differ from the city it borders. Holly bushes and pine trees are commonplace in the area. New Santiago’s art based culture seeps into the geography of the area as well, with painted rocks surrounding the single house within the territory.