Kingdom of Domatio

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Kingdom of Domatio
Domatioflag.pngDomatio Coatofarms.png

Cogito, ergo cogito.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine theme song
Indiana, USA
Capital cityRoyal Office Province
Largest cityNone
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameDomatio
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- MonarchKing Ryan Hoots
- LieutenantTrevor Hoots
Established10th April, 2012
Area claimedApproximately 100 square feet, if that.
Population3 (2 people really into it,
1 not really into it.)
Time zoneEST
(Daylight Savings Time not observed)
National sportJudo
National animalSiamese Cat

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The Kingdom of Domatio is a micronation founded by Ryan Hoots on 10 April 2012. Domatio is located in central Indiana, and has a population of three. The population is spread over several provinces, with the capital, the Royal Office, in the center.


The name comes from the greek word for room, δωμάτιο (do̱mátio). Domatio started as just the single room of Royal Office, but spread to include more territory. As the King doesn't think technicality is a good enough reason for a name change in this situation, Domatio's name is still "The Room".


2/7/2012: Initial papers written up, original flag designed, plans laid down for Domatio.

4/10/2012: Domatio claims independence, Ryan J Hoots crowned King of Domatio, first citizen to join is Trevor. Initial territory claimed. Additional land surrounding the house claimed while the King and his Lieutenant survey the grounds.

4/12/2012: Domatio goes into mourning as the national symbol, a Siamese cat named Abbey, dies.

4/19/2012: Domatio changes its flag to remove the cat emblem. The official reason is that the Cat looks bad when scaled down.

10/23/2012: Domatio's government declares the repopulation of the endangered Felis Catus a success.

Government and politics

In Domatio's governmental system, the King of Domatio is supreme. No constitution, no senate, just the king. The military is closely controlled by the king, as well.

The reason for this is that the founder believes democratic governments are hard to keep in the right direction, and that it is easier to ward off corruption when there's only one ruler.

Also, if the ruler becomes corrupt, it is almost certain that the peple will revolt, unless they are also corrupt. If that is the case, the micronation is doomed. And because nobody wants that for their micronation, corruption is improbable.

Law and order

Only the king may ban people from the claimed territory of Domatio, military officers of lower rank have substantially less power. In Domatio, the king's word is law.

A document defining the laws has been in progress since April, however no new word on it has surfaced. Due to the very low population, a defined set of rules is "unneeded and potentially hazardous", according to the King.

Foreign relations

Domatio is officially allied with the Muddywater Republic. They have a treaty in place. Relations with the Federal Commonwealth of Havnesgade-Amager are also proceeding.


Domatio's military is not well armed, and at the moment its army numbers two, including the king himself. Domatio has been involved in no conflicts to date, and the king hopes to keep it that way.

The primary weapon for the military is the sword.

Geography and climate

All five Domation provinces are located in a forested environment. In the summer, it can reach over a hundred degrees fahrenheit, and in the winter it can get below zero.

The ecosystem recently took a hit when 100% of the cat population in two of the three provinces, Royal Office and Military Territory, died. A repopulation effort was successful, however, and the original cat numbers are back.

Time Zone and Calendar

Domatio is officially on Eastern Standard Time (EST), or UTC -5. Daylight Savings Time is not officially supported in Domatio, although many citizens use it anyways.

The King has voiced concerns that Domatio should be on UTC -6 (CST).

Domatio uses the Gregorian Calendar officially, although an unofficial calendar that starts with 2012 as 00 is sometimes used. The King has not stated weather or not this unofficial calendar will take over as the main one for use in the government.


There are five provinces as of April 11, 2012. In Domatio's land naming system, a Province is a relatively large claimed area, while a Territory is smaller, yet still claimed. However, both Territory and Province are used as a generic term for land claimed by Domatio.

Front Province is the second largest, and is the southernmost territory. It borders the West Territory and the Royal Office area to the north.

The Royal Office is a single room inside the main house. It is the king's bedroom. Also, the hallways around the room are claimed as part of the Royal Office Province, which is the collective name for Domation land in the area.

West Territory, formerly Side Territory, is a minor province, the third smallest. Not much goes on there. It is situated between the Front Province and Green Province.

Military Territory is a single room on the upper level of the house, and is the barracks for the Military, as well as a storage area and negotiation room. This territory is only loosely under the control of the crown.

Green Province is the largest, and the northernmost province. It is where the military trains, and where most scientific exploration occurs.


The Royal Bank of Domatio has yet to issue banknotes or coins, although much discussion has been reported on the nation's currency, the Dome. It is expected to be a while before a currency is in circulation.


Domatio has yet to establish a culture, as it is a very new micronation with a very small population. There are, however, a few in-jokes in circulation among citizens.

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