District of the Uris Outlying Islands

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Uris Outlying Islands
Pirate District of the Uris Outlying Islands
District of the Uris Outlying Islands
Flag of Uris Outlying Islands
Coat of arms of Uris Outlying Islands
CountryFree State of Uris
 • PresidentRuby the Dog (Dems-Libs of Uris)
 • Total68.3 km2 (26.4 sq mi)
 • Total0
 0% of Uris
Official language(s)English, French

The Uris Outlying Islands District, commonly known as the Pirate District of Uris Outlying Islands, is a district of the Free State of Uris. The region is made up of a set of islands in Northern Greenland and on a beach on a Southern New Zealand island near Antarctica. The region is run by the only coalition government of national parties, that of the Urian Free Libertarians and the Democratic Party under the name of the Pirate League, with Ruby the Dog serving as the President of the region .


The government of Uris Outlying Islands is a subdivision of Uris, the region is lead by a President, which oversees the region and is a multi-party region with both national and local parties represented within the legislature. The district has two sub districts of the Livy Islands and Niven Point and two localities, North Livy and East Livy.