District of Katek

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Principal Capital District of Katek
Litabpatlèrg Pralatèrg Ötkätpä seĵ Katek


First-Level Municipality of Special Status
Safety Harbor, Florida, USA
FoundedDecember 31st 2013
DisestablishedJuly 14th 2015
Area0.23 km2
Municipal ChiefBin Stü'òrd

The Principal Capital District of Katek was the Main Capital District of Huro-Atlantica. It was occupied entirely by the Capital City of Dezabet.


Katek was, for the Majority of it's History, a Micronation of It's Own. Founded in Early 2008 as the Kingdom of Bermania, it was Re-established again in Late 2009 as the Empire of Simlia. After the Foundation of the Union of Asermia in Mid-2010, It served as the Federal District under the name the District of Worth's Harbour until it's Territorial Incorporation as Sutherland in 2011, and it later became a State. After the Dissolution of Asermia in Late 2012, Katek was part of Pinellas County under the Republic of Hillsborough, before it's re-introduction as the Simlian FCR and the Bermanian FACR in December of the Same Year under the NFOR. These two Sub-national Republics were passed onto the UFHAR and the Huro-Atlantic Federation, before Merging into the Municipality of Simlia (Later Katek), upon the Foundation of Huro-Atlantica as a Subdivision of the State of Atlantica (Now Regrabetpar). On December 31, 2013, the Administrative Divisions in Huro-Atlantica were completely revamped, and Katek was Incorporated as the Capital District.