District of Gesyrab

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Executive Capital District of Gesyrab
Wăpazetfă Pralatèrg Ötkätpä seĵ Gesï'rab


First-Level Municipality of Special Status
Adrian Township, Michigan, USA
FoundedMay 25th 2014
Area3 acres
Municipal ChiefBin Stü'òrd

The Executive Capital District of Gesyrab is the Executive Capital District of Huro-Atlantica. It is occupied entirely by the Executive Capital City of Gesyrab. The district is completely surrounded by the State of Dezisab, and is bordered to the south by the County of Ruwatar, and to the north by the County of Gwarbanel.

Gesï'rab Manor

Gesï'rab Manor is a two-story brick house built in 1958, and owned since then by the Stü'òrd Family. It resides within the City of Gesï'rab, and is less than 500 yards from the City Limits of Rütàr, the largest city of the State of Dezisab. The Home was built by Harvey Jones, the same architect who built the condominiums of the famous Innisbrook Golf Resort in the town of Lèrgak, Regrabetpar. The Property includes a Finished Basement, a 4 acre garden, a Swimming Pool, and a Tennis Court. The Property also overlooks a large reservoir, known as Grehŏ Rütàr. A gravel staircase with supports fashioned from railroad ties leads down to a Boat Dock, from which one can fish and sail on the lake. Also along the Slope leading down to the shore is a Wooden Observation Deck, which provides an un-obstructed view of the opposite shore.