Dissolution of the Empire of Kirkland

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"Due to my personal inactivity and the inactivity of the nobles and citizens of this nation I am forced to disband the Most Glorious and Holy Empire of Kirkland. I am no longer able to carry out my duties due to personal, work, and school commitments. I apologize to everyone in the nation for my failure for the failure rests with me and my inability to drive activity. We had a good run as a nation."

                                                                                -Emperor Brayden dissolves Kirkland

Dissolution announced

On October 13, 2011, Emperor Brayden I of Kirkland announced the dissolution of the nation, after nearly eight months of steady activity.

George takes control

The same day, Dakoda George deemed himself Lord Regent of Kirkland. The next day, Mark II declared his support for the newly-proclaimed Regent and launched a re-organization plan, in which the Grand Duchy of Arlington would merge with Kirkland to form a Union, and then Freedomia and the Union would agree to a Commonwealth between the two nations.

George Removed from Regency

On October 18, the Prime Minister, His Grace Stephen Landes, Grand Duke of Balromia, invoked the Kirkish Constitution and declared Dakoda George's self-appointment to the Regency void. The negotiations for the union of Kirkland with Freedomia continued, but under the leadership of the Grand Duke of Balromia.

Union Negotiations

Final Outcome