Dismissal of Sertor Valentinus

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Sertor Valentinus, the first Minister of European and African Affairs of the Cupertino Alliance, was dismissed by Chair Jayden Lycon on 3 September 2020. The dismissal marked a new way of how the Cupertino Alliance approached raiding.


All ministries are appointed by the Chair and can be dismissed at the Chair's pleasure. A vote within Parliament was usually done but not mandated. Before becoming a Minister, Valentinus was a delegate to the Kingdom of Pinelandia. During his tenure of Minister, he proposed ideas including a regional session plan, dividing up Parliament to lower sessions hosted by Ministers and changing the main sessions (hosted by the Chair) to fortnightly. Various claims that Valentinus was engaged in raiding emerged but were not reported to the Chair. Valentinus was actively engaged in the situation in Almedria during this time.

Complaint and investigation