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The Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Varina began on April 1st, 2013, only a day after the founding of the nation. All diplomatic relations of Vagina are managed by the Monarch, David I. Vagina currently upholds relations with ten nations:

Friends (10)

Nation Requester Date requested Date accepted
Flag of Molossia.png Republic of Molossia Vagina April 1st, 2013 April 1st, 2013
Flag of Gogania.png Empire of Gogania Vagina April 2nd, 2013 April 2nd, 2013
Flag of Pimpville 2013.png Kingdom of Pimpville Vagina April 2nd, 2013 April 2nd, 2013
Flag of Nintendia.png Empire of Nintendia Vagina April 2nd, 2013 April 2nd, 2013
Flag Sch.PNG U.F.K.P.R of Schwanensee Schwanensee April 3rd, 2013 April 3rd, 2013
Flag of New Scotland.png Monarchy of New Scotland New Scotland April 4th, 2013 April 5th, 2013
Flag of Michrenia.png Kingdom of Michrenia[1] Michrenia April 6th, 2013 April 6th, 2013
TianaFlag.png Republic of Tiana Vagina June 23rd, 2013 June 23rd, 2013
Flag of Slin.png Empyre of Slin Slin June 23rd, 2013 June 23rd, 2013
Abeldane flag.jpg Abeldane Empire (Militarmia)[2] Abelden July 10th, 2013 July 10th, 2013


As a successor state of the Republic of Ultamiya, Vagina recognizes the following nations:

For the same reason, Vagina recognizes the following non-micronational entities:

  • Flag of the United Nations.png All UN members
  • Flag of the Republic of China.png Taiwan
  • Flag of Kosovo.png Kosovo

References and notes

  1. Varina and Michrenia are in a state of military alliance.
  2. Militarmia was formally absorbed into Abelden and all territories and relations with other nations were transferred to Abelden on the 9 February 2016.

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