Dictatorship of Obelis

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Dictatorship of Obelis

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- Type - Democracy
Established16 January 2019
Time zoneEST/EDT
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The Dictatorship of Obelis is a micronation created on 16 January 2019, and is based in NYC. Obelis is somewhat based on George Orwell's dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.


The name Obelis was made up of the leader.


Obelis used to be a barren beach area until a group of people decided to lay claim to the area. It has now started to slowly expand its territory out of state, through the nation's strong military and beliefs of imperialism.

Government and Politics

A lot of the government is based off and named after the government in the book 1984 by George Orwell. The government is mostly totalitarian, so it controls most, if not all of the property. Citizens are only allowed to get jobs at government-owned institutions such as the federal farms and office buildings. The government is divided into 3 parts. The Outer Party, Inner Party, and The Vanguard. The Outer Party is equivalent to the United States' federal workers. All Outer Party members work at the federal Ministries and other federal complexes and jobs. The Inner Party makes all the decisions along with the Vanguard, the sole leader of Obelis. Outer Party members shall work in either of the four Ministries, The Ministry of Truth, The Ministry of Plenty, The Ministry of Love, and The Ministry of Peace. The Ministry of Truth controls what books and other forms of writing can be published and edit their original versions to be friendly to the government's ideals. The Ministry of Peace deals with foreign relations and declares war on those the nation considers an enemy. The Ministry of Love is the nation's federal militia and quell all rebellions. Finally, The Ministry of Plenty regulates the flow of money, resources, and regulates trades with others. The ministries are divided into 2 parts, the workers and the higher-ups. The higher-ups are lead by the Minister, who can overturn decisions made by the Board of Ministry Representatives and set the pay and work hours for the workers. The Board of the Ministry makes the decisions about the Ministry relating to what it is. The Board of Representatives for the Ministry of Plenty, for example, is the part of the Ministry that actually makes the decision regarding the money and resource flow, while the workers actually print and produce more money and resources, or revoke them based on their decisions.


The belief of Monolism derives from the ideas of imperialism, militarism, nationalism, and the restriction of speech and press from the people (Monolism is also based on Ingsoc from the book 1984 by George Orwell). It is the prime ideology of Obelis and is to be followed, by law. Believers are to refrain from any sexual or romantic activity and are only allowed to do such things with the intent to produce children. All persons are to have full confidence in the government and never question decisions or publications created by the governing body. Monopolists view themselves as the policing power in the world of micronations and think that they deserve land and resources in return. Despite this, most land is gained via war, where militarism comes in. Because of their views as the micronation policing power, Monolists view all nations as possible enemies, so the government focuses a lot of its government budget in its military to be ready for war at any time. This does not mean that they do not have allies, only that they don't fully trust their neighboring micronations. Currently, Obelis is mainly allied with the Kingdom of Bepistan, a micronation that shares their ideals.

Law and order

Administrative Regions

Name Flag Capital
Brighton Beach Bays 1-10 PlaceholderFlag.png Staten Island
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Foreign Relations

Unilateral Recognition

Obelis Does Not Recognize

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National Holidays

Date Name Notes
January 16 Foundation Day The day Obelis was officially created.
Month Day, Year Leader's Day A day commemorating the leader of Obelis on their birthday.


Geography and climate


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Official usersDemocracy of Obelis
Unofficial usersNone
Pegged toUSD - $1.00
Central bankBank of Obelis



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