9th Grade

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Federal Republic the 9th Grade

1st October, 2014 — 11th December, 2014

National Flag

Long live the Grade!
Song of the Students
North Western United States
Capital city New Berlin
Largest city New Berlin
Official language(s) English, Russian German Spanish
Official religion(s) Christian, Athiest, Fourivian Religion, Islam, Unitarianism
Demonym 9th Grader
Government Fascist Single Party State
- President Eren Lewis
- Premierminister Cai Brockett
Legislature Reichstag
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 7
Established 1st October, 2014
Population Residents
Currency Reichsmark
Time zone EST

The Federal Republic of 9th grade is a semi-Joke Micronation located in North Western Massachusetts. It was formed after Jacob Lewis and a few friends declared their school an Independent country.


The 9th Grade was originally declared a Dictatorship, with Jacob Lewis ruling as the Dictator. On the 21st of October, a month and a half after the founding, the Dictator decided to turn the country into a Federal Republic.

Administrative Divisions

The Federal Republic is split into 7 Provences, FourRivers, Sibearya, Lowlands, Uplands, The Strip, Nomalia, and Firsbela. All but one, FourRivers, are unoccupied. Each and every one of them has either a Governmental, Cultural, or Military importance. FourRivers is the main Provence, with the capital, and all residents being there.


The Government of 9th Grade is a Federal Republic, with each Provence and Classroom electing representatives to the Parliament. The Parliament is split into two houses, the House of Classes, and the House of Provences. The People popularly elect up a President, who appoints a Prime Minister. The President serves as Head of State, with the Prime Minister serving as Head of Government. The Parliament elects a Speaker of the House, who's job is similar to that of the British Parliament's Speaker.


The Military of the nation is a important cultural point. The Military serves as second most important organisation, other than the Government. It is responsible for Defense, Waring, Expeditions, Annexations, Invasions, etc. The Soldiers of the Military are armed usually with Boffing Weapons, but may sometimes use Airsoft Weapons (Off Campus).


The Ranks of the Military are as Follows: Supreme Commander, Commanding General, General, Field Marshal, Marshal, Corporal, Lance Captain, Captain, Sergeant, Private Third Class, Private Second Class, Private, Recruit, Maggot.

Typical Uniform and Weaponry

The Military is usually armed with Boffers of all kinds. Occasionally, in Parades or on Spec. Ops. Missions, Airsoft guns are permitted. Uniform consists of any type of pants, and a camouflaged shirt. During Parades, or formal events, formal military attire is required. Medals and awards may be worn during formal events.


Uniforms of Soldiers2.png







The people of the 9th Grade follow a number of Cultural Deities, many of them based off of nature around the area. The main four are the Bird God, the Corn god, the Field God, and the Tree God.

Civil War

9th Grade Civil War
Date: 5th November-Ongoing
Place: Federal Republic of 9th Grade
Outcome: Unknown Currently
AltFlag.pngGovernment Forces
Faces.png Nationalist Party Stormtroopers

Anarchy.jpg Revolutionary Front
Antifa.jpg Anti-Fascist Forces

AltFlag.png Eren Lewis
AltFlag.png Sean S.
Faces.png Keiron S.
Anarchy.jpg Ezra R.
Anarchy.jpg Henry W.
AltFlag.pngPro-Government Coalition: 6
Anarchy.jpg Revolutionary Front: 5

In early November of 2014, a group of soldiers tired of the way the President was running things gave an ultimatum to the President; Step down from office or face action. The President declined, triggering a Civil War. All of the rebels were stripped of any titles and offices. The Revolutionary Faction was formed of these men to fight the increasingly authoritarian Government of President Eren Lewis.

Battle of the Lunchroom

On 18 November, 2014, the Revolutionary Front launched an attack on the Government stronghold in the Lunchroom, on the outskirts of New Berlin. The battle began with Revolutionary Front troops chasing Eren Lewis out of the Lunchroom, effectively taking power over it. One of them came outside, giving Regime forces a chance to attack, the Government forces where chased back, 3 R.F soldiers then launched an attack on Lewis outside, forcing him to surrender the Lunchroom.

Battle of the Lunchroom
Part of the 9th Grade Civil War
Battle.png New Berlin as of 18th November.png
A map showing the R.F advances/A map of New Berlin, as of 18th November
Date 18th November, 2014
Location Outside the Lunchroom, New Berlin
Result Government Retreat, Revolutionary Occupation of the Lunchroom
link={{{2}}}Government Coalition link={{{2}}}Revolutionary Front
link={{{2}}} Supreme Commander Eren Lewis link={{{2}}} Ezra R.
1 3
Injuries and losses
0 0